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June 11th, 2024

June 11th, 2024

There’s nothing the team at Warpaint like more than working with students – the next generation of artists who surprise and delight us with their artistic and creative flair.  Warpaint’s Publisher and Editorial Director, Emma Rutherford, is Associate Lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts based in Epsom, to the South West of London, usually working with the Hair and Makeup undergraduates.  This semester she was excited to be asked by Senior Lecturer in Fashion Photography and Year 2 Lead, Dr Sally Waterman, to join the 2nd year BA Fashion Photography students in their Creative Agency unit to collaborate with the magazine.

The theme was Hollywood Beauty and the brief was for students to take inspiration from either the genre, time period, characters or mise-en-scene from past and present Oscar-nominated films or red-carpet glamour looks to create their own movie-themed experimental beauty story.

The submissions that we have chosen did four specific things: answered the brief, profiled the makeup, showed a cohesive thought process and created a clear client presentation.

It was an absolute pleasure to work on this project.  A huge Thank You to all the students in the group for their hard work and we wish them lots of success for the future.

The Academic Brief:

  1. 30-45 second film + 10 second cut down version (MPEG-4)
  2. One Key Visual (Head and shoulders portrait format for cover) and four additional photographs (including one BTS) supplied as A4 size @ 300 dpi JPGS, clearly labelled with your name and numbered in viewing order.
  3. Reflective Journal (PDF) 50 pages max. Research must be Harvard referenced.
  • Pre-Production: Idea development / Mood boards / Casting
  • Background contextual research
  • Production/Post-production: Test shoots / Final edits (Stills and moving)
  • Evaluation of experience and review of final outcome (1,000 words)

Whole Project Winner:

Cliona O’Sullivan Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Warpaint Feedback:

Cliona fulfilled the brief, her concept was original and it was technically excellent in its execution.  The research journal was very detailed, explaining her thought process and would work well as client presentation, which is key in professional life.  All of the images that she submitted as options were varied, yet strong and coherent as a set, another key aspect of pro commission.

Cliona’s Comment:

“I wanted to challenge Walt Disney’s image of ‘standard Hollywood beauty’ in the original story through reversed gender casting of the characters and exaggerated, camp, bold makeup.”

UCA X Warpaint Photography Project


Photographer/Director – Cliona O’Sullivan

Make-up artist and stylist – Ry Rush @ryrushh


Snow White – Ry Rush @ryrushh

Sleepy – Holly Hammond @hollyxhammond

Grumpy – Layal Balubaid

Sneezy – Freya Artemisia East @freyaaeast

Happy – Maddie Hardy @maddiehardyphotos

Doc- Rihanna Dowler @rhiannadowler

Dopey – Tongyue Jose Sheng @joseeeeeepi

Bashful – Soriah Mar @soriahabe


Key Visual/Cover Image Choice:

Zhu Han Elemental (2023)

UCA Photography Project

Warpaint Feedback:

We loved the composition of the cropped single eye and were invested in her design process.  Zhu Han’s research journal was in micro detail which was appreciated, down to the sketches of lighting set up in the studio.

Zhu Han’s Comment:

“I empathised with the fire girl, Amber in the film, especially the fact that her parents have high expectations of her. The contrasting elements of Fire and Water convey the mixed emotions of impatience and with calmness and were good entry points for my beauty concept.”


Photographer/Director: Zhu Han @hllllzhu

Models: Diana Blanariu @dianablanariu and Dan peng @effffy.p

Makeup Artist: Demali B. Simpson @_makeupbydemali

Stylist: Weng Hon @twelveoclock_style


Longer Film:

Sam Rochford Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Warpaint Feedback:

Sam’s longer film was fun and frivolous, capturing the nonsense of the original story.  The pops of colour within each frame worked well for directing the viewer’s eye to other part of the composition.

Sam’s Comment:

“I wanted to show the chaos and magic that is seen throughout Tim Burton’s film, Alice in Wonderland and chose to focus on the tea party scene for this beauty brief.


Photographer/Director: Sam Rochford

Model: Elsie Gibson @elsiemariegibson

Makeup Artist: Kendra @kendramua_

Stylist: Sam Rochford


Short Film:

Maya Nowak The Great Gatsby (2013)

Warpaint Feedback:

Maya’s film was edited well and the transitions moved in synch with the music, and was distinctly different from her longer film, yet keeping the same essence.

Maya’s Comment:

“When creating my short film, inspired by the 2013 The Great Gatsby movie, my main goal was to create the idea of the American Dream, working closely with the make-up artist to capture the visual aesthetic of 1920’s.”


Photographer/Director: @mayanowak_photo

Make up Artist: @theodora.nicola

Model: @sofiastudios_



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