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Ten Questions With Monika Blunder

April 19th, 2024

April 19th, 2024

Warpaint sat down with renowned Hollywood Makeup Artist, Monika Blunder, to find out more about her story and how she created her brand, Monika Blunder Beauty, a clean beauty line with skincare-infused products.

Monika went to makeup school in Frankfurt, Germany, for one year before working as an assistant in Munich for some well-known artists.  She then transitioned more from stage makeup into being on set for fashion and found her passion there.

Monika Blunder

What’s your earliest makeup memory?

Growing up, the women in my life didn’t wear much makeup, so the first time I really have a strong memory of falling in love with makeup was being on set and seeing how they did makeup for film.  I wanted to do special effects for a minute but went the fashion beauty route instead.

What influenced you when you were growing up in Austria?

The way women wear makeup in Austria is so chic to me and really inspired my style of makeup today.  It’s very minimal, focused on fresh and clean skin.  Sometimes a pop of red on the cheeks and lips, but then I remember thinking how beautiful and chic they were and the focus was on them, not the makeup.

Monika Blunder

What lead you to creating your own brand?

I’ve wanted my own brand forever.  I’ve been collecting knowledge and experience over the last 20+ years in my career and I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel like I’ve tried every product out there.  I wanted to create my dream products that perform the way I want them to, but with clean and conscious ingredients.  I want to create makeup that improves your skin while you wear it and infuse it with healing botanicals from my home region in the high alps.  It was a tall order but that’s exactly what I feel like we’ve done with Monika Blunder Beauty.  My business partner, Sandi, and I make a great team to bring the brand into reality.


What sets Monika Blunder Beauty apart from other makeup lines?

I’ve really taken my time, both in creating the lines and in my career, to be really intentional with everything I create.  I’ve curated the shades and formulas for every product so carefully using the 20+ years of knowledge I’ve accumulated.  I know what performs, both for the pro artist or the everyday woman.  We’ve also infused all our products with the most special and magical ingredients.  We use arnica in most of our products – a healing botanical that my dad would pick himself in the mountains to turn into medical waters to heal bruises and rashes.  It’s really incredible for the skin.  As well as edelweiss, a small white flower that grows very high up in the mountains and is an antioxidant powerhouse.  All my products are also multi-functional. You can use the lipstick as a blush, the mascara as an eyeliner, Blunder Cover for your whole complexion.  It lightens your kit and also brings a special cohesion to any look.

Which is your favourite product or products in the range and why?

It’s so hard to choose, but the first product we launched was an innovative foundation/concealer hybrid called Blunder Cover and am beyond obsessed with it still.  I’m very well known in Hollywood for the way I do skin and starting with a complexion product like that is so complicated and challenging but I knew I had to start with it.  I’m so proud of Blunder Cover; it is really such an incredible product.  It can be sheered down to barely-there natural coverage or built up to be full coverage enough to cover tattoos, so you can use it for your entire complexion – foundation, concealer, counter/bronzer and highlighter.  It’s also infused with all those beautiful botanicals and nourishing oils so it feels amazing on the skin.


Tell us about your new skincare products.  How long have they taken to bring to market?

Skincare has been a journey!  Skincare is so important in the makeup application process so I took really long time testing everything out really thoroughly to make sure it was perfect.  We started with a universal face moisturiser, our Undercover Creme,  and then a year or so later we launched our Dew Better Face Oil, Body Language Body Oil and Melt Down Cleansing Balm.  It took a couple of years in total to perfect the skincare; oils are very hard to do well and not cheap!  But they are incredible.  It can be challenging to find an oil that hydrates and gives you that perfect glow without feeling like an oil slick.  You still want it to absorb into the skin, which is just one reason I love our skincare so much.  It’s perfect on its own but also an amazing base under makeup.


Who is your dream client to work with?

If I could choose anyone it would be Romy Schneider.  I adored her growing up – I was really such a big fan.  I even named one of our lipsticks, shade Romy, after her.  I would die to be able to do her makeup.


What’s the best piece of advice you were given and how has it coloured your journey?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail, but you have to make sure you learn from them.  Failure is a great teacher and not something to be feared.

Monika Blunder


What advice would you pass on to a young makeup artist starting out today?

Don’t be afraid to be an assistant and take your time to learn your craft.  That time is so special and transformative and you can learn so much.  You collect all the bits and knowledge to create your own unique style and that takes time.  Assisting is really the most amazing way to learn – I can’t stress that enough.  Learn from other people’s mistakes; be observant and ask questions.




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