Look Good Feel Better 30th Anniversary

March 14th, 2024

March 14th, 2024

Celebrating their 30th Anniversary, Warpaint shines a light on Look Good Feel Better, a national cancer charity who aim to improve the wellbeing and self-confidence of those living with a cancer diagnosis by helping them cope with the physical changes which accompany the disease and its treatment.


Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is a National Cancer Charity set up in 1994 with one goal in mind – to improve the physical appearance and overall wellbeing of people living with cancer.  For those who are diagnosed with cancer, it can be incredibly challenging to process the diagnosis and the emotional and physical side-effects of treatment.  The charity has made it their mission to deliver cancer support services in local communities through a series of face to face and online group sessions along with video tutorials to help people face cancer with confidence, to regain their sense of normality, to make friends and most of all to Look Good and Feel Better.  The charity runs free workshops, offering practical advice to women, men and young adults in order to help them cope with what changes they may experience throughout cancer treatment to the skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair and nails, as well as how to improve body confidence.  It also provides social opportunities to meet people going through a similar experience and create support networks.


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Online Tutorials

In addition to their in-person workshops, Look Good Feel Better has created an online database of tutorials filmed by experts across many fields.  These tutorials are specifically designed to help individuals deal with physical changes to their appearance, including how to recreate missing eyebrows, correcting makeup for hot flushes or pale complexion, as well as dealing with hair loss, nail care, etc.  There are also tutorials specifically aimed towards men as well as young people, giving advice on how to improve self-confidence through styling, shaving and general self-care tips.  Having these tutorials accessible allows individuals to access them from wherever, especially if their illness or its treatment renders them unable to access the in-person workshops.  Whilst this may seem common-sense, this is an invaluable resource allowing those living with cancer to have a slightly easier day-to-day experience and boost their self-confidence which is so often effected when living with the disease.  To access the online tutorials, click here.

Celebrating 30 Years

In 2024, LGFB is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Over the three decades of its operation, the charity has grown to holding its workshops in over 120 locations across the UK, employing over 20 staff and 1,200 volunteers.  During this time, they have helped over 200,000 people living with cancer to regain their confidence and self-esteem.  The charity’s CEO, Mark Flannery, says, “on our 30th anniversary, we face the future knowing that our workshops will continue to help people feel empowered, motivated, and less isolated”.  In celebration of this milestone, LGFB’s 2024 events calendar includes a charity netball tournament on March 17th and the Tour Du Mont Overseas Challenge in September.  As September is the official birth month of Look Good Feel Better, the charity is inviting supporters to create their own fundraising challenge throughout the 30 days of September, with commemorative 30th Anniversary gifts for all those who take part in contributing towards the £30,000 target.


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Hear From Volunteers

Louise Willis, one of Look Good Feel Better’s original volunteers who signed up in 1994, remembers the charity’s early days.  “In the ’90s, we started the workshops with about four to five women per workshop, usually aged 50 or over,” Louise recalled.  “Even then, the goodie bags were so popular with an abundance of products from eye creams, day and night creams and perfumes.  Nowadays, we meet so many younger women in our workshops.  Our goodie bags continue to be a highlight of the workshops and allow beneficiaries to try out many different products.”  Louise herself has a busy schedule, as a mother to three daughters and seven grandchildren, working part-time for Clinique as well as her role as lead volunteer at the charity.  “My advice to anyone considering volunteering is [that] it means so much to be able to offer our service to people and it makes such a difference,” Louise says.  “Volunteering is uplifting, who wouldn’t want to be part of that?  Even if you can only offer a small amount of time, the beneficiaries love it.”


Scan the QR code to learn more about volunteering.

Michelle Kerr from Northern Ireland is a lead volunteer and specialises in nails.  She runs frequent online sessions, as well as face-to-face and hybrid.  She explains to us what it means to her.  “Being a volunteer for near 10 years for Look Good Feel better is so rewarding – seeing the smiles on beneficiaries’ faces when they finish a workshop.  As my mum went through cancer treatment, it really helped her.  Knowing you have help with the physical effects of cancer treatment makes it so worthwhile and getting beneficiaries all together so they know they’re not alone.  If you’re thinking about being a volunteer and giving your time to helping others, you won’t regret it.


Nadira V Persaud, London-based guru in all things makeup and hair with three decades of experience, is an expert volunteer at the charity.  She told us she is a firm believer in “giving back where you can within your family, local community or directly through work to keep up the cycle of kindness and sharing”.  Nadira’s motivation to join the charity came after her role as Make up Advisor at a UK burns and scar charity came to an end.  “I felt a void and actively sought charities looking for volunteers but I knew it would only work for me if I could offer more than my time.”

When asked about her role as a volunteer, Nadira explained, “as someone with 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry, it is immensely gratifying sharing wealth of knowledge on application techniques, beauty brands and products through the skincare and make up workshops”.  She adds, “I learn so much too, which is hard to put into words when assisting and observing women at all stages of their cancer treatment, though the best of all is hen they discover themselves again during a session.  You notice how comfortable they gradually feel about looking at themselves in the mirror and liking what they see.  You can’t measure that level of joy!”

How To Get Involved

To get involved with Look Good Feel Better’s 30th Anniversary, the charity encourages creating a celebration fundraiser, signing up for one of their 2024 walking events, taking part in a 30 For 30 Challenge, shopping with them and buying tickets for the Christmas Celebration Concert.  Their website contains information on how to raise funds, fundraising packs, as well as the LGFB Lottery.  Those interested in volunteering can click here to sign up – the charity is looking for professionals who can volunteer their practical and teaching skills, as well as community volunteers to help raise funds and awareness.




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