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Abi Oleck on Glitz and Glam

February 9th, 2024

February 9th, 2024

Warpaint’s newest contributor, Abi O, is an award-winning, world-renowned celebrity facialist and founder of BeauSkin.  With decades of experience in the industry, Abi is the oracle for all things skin. Her debut piece covers glitz and glam.

Abi O

I am absolutely delighted to be contributing this month to one of my favourite magazines, especially as we have the glitz and glam of the Red Carpet season fast approaching, with some truly spectacular events already highlighted in our calendars.  I will be talking about skin health tips and treatments, both expensive and cost effective, whilst sharing my secrets to prep skin for that ‘special occasion‘,  enhancing your client’s appearance and leaving skin glowing.

A Bit About Me

I have spent 25 years in the beauty arena perfecting and advancing my career through hard work and determination, working endlessly to achieve my goals.  In 2021, I was the Facialist Winner for prestigious RUUBY, was highly commended in the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards Best Beauty in 2022 and I was a finalist in BABTAC 2023 Mobile Beauty Therapist Award and have been nominated for mobile Therapist of the Year 2024 at the Professional Beauty Awards.

Abi O

At an early age I launched my successful Beaubronz tanning range which led to some interesting projects.  I became intrigued with skin care, especially the advancement in treatments and new technology, and upon investigating further found myself embarking on a new and exciting career.  Studying continuously, I am now proud to be a Level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner dedicated and passionate in my chosen career.

Glitz and Glam – Skin Prep

The Oscars – and our British BAFTAS – are always a glamorous and exciting event, with the participants readying themselves weeks in advance, for this one night to showcase and highlight their beauty and talent on the red carpet.  This year the BAFTA Awards are on Sunday February 18th followed by the OSCARs on Sunday March 10th 2024.  Here are my thoughts on how to prep for a special occasion, whether it be a glitzy party or a romantic dinner celebration on our favourite Red Day in February …St. Valentine’s!

Abi O

If you are lucky enough to be able to blow the budget and indulge in luxurious treatments for that special occasion, then I am a big fan of Amanda Caroline Skin care.  I recommend a Dermalux LED treatment followed by her Haute Lift Duo products.  These come in at approximately £260.

Abi O Abi O

The LED light treatment using colour wavelengths of visible light can stimulate specific responses in the skin.  Before applying makeup,  a lymphatic draining and depuffing massage using an ancient Gua Sha can really help  sculpt and lift the skin.  The Amanda Caroline products instantly brighten the complexion, leaving skin glowing and dewy and ensures skin is primed and ready for makeup application.  Priming helps the skin appear less dull and also aids the foundation, concealer etc to last longer and prevent looking cakey.

Abi O

Clients who come to me with oily and acne-prone skin would benefit from a daily wash with an oil-based product.  The product chosen should be gentle and one that helps repair the barrier function, and is soothing, not stripping the delicate skin worsening inflammation and disrupting the barrier function further.  Please tell your clients not to tone with a harsh product and that over washing acne prone skin, can strip it and disrupt the barrier function.

Kit Recommendation

A product which I highly recommend for your kit is squalene. It is a key component of the sebum, the sticky oily substance that the body produces in order to keep the skin moisturised.  For your kit, squalane is a very close cousin and is a product by The Ordinary which costs as little as £9.00.  This will help to rebalance and strengthen the skin barrier function.

Abi O

Bacteria can enter a skin with a damaged or reduced barrier function, which is why using products to repair is paramount and skin-stripping products are a myth.  This product from The Ordinary will help skin achieve a healthy appearance and will ensure your client feels confident and happy stepping out!

I hope the above give you some good ideas as how to prep skin for that special occasion.  Keep healthy, keep smiling and, above all, keep up that essential skin regime!

More tips coming your way soon!

Abi O



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