A Conversation With Patrick Starrr

December 14th, 2023

December 14th, 2023

Warpaint chats with beauty mogul, brand owner and Youtube OG, Patrick Starrr, about his background, inspirations and all things ONE/SIZE.

As a brand entrepreneur, what was the best piece of advice you were given when you first started out creating products?

Stay who you are – that’s the best thing.  I think that in a world of influence, of social trends, there’s a lot that goes on with changing who you are to fit into a trend, an algorithm, a bubble in order to commercialise yourself that’s the biggest thing and we think that money isn’t the biggest area and I feel that staying who I am in terms of my identity owning that has championed so many other people to be who they are too and it’s proved successful as an entity and as a business.

What is your favourite product in your line, ONE/SIZE?

I’m a powder lover, and I love high performance but as a new brand to enter with a complexion is very scary, but it’s proven itself worth with our Turn Up The Base Powder Foundation (£38.00).  This was our first powder, it’s translucent, called the ‘Ultimate Loose Powder’ and it works on every skin tone.  We do have a dark deep version as well but the translucent works on everyone.  The powder foundation comes in 32 shades broken into six shade families and we also indicate the undertones – Fair, Light, Medium. Medium Dark, Dark and Deep.  In terms of navigating the categories, it’s so easy to find your shade as there’s 1-5 or 1-6 in each of the Undertones.  You can match anybody in seconds.  We’ve developed a naming convention that’s easily identifiable to the makeup artist and I think that’s where my experience comes forward because I want people to speak of the specificities of how to identify colour, rather than a regular name such as Almond or Butterscotch.

With multi-functional products being all the rage right now, what is your favourite multi-use product within your collection?

I use [Turn Up The Base] as my foundation sometimes, or I’ll use it as a finishing powder for stage and performance, or to brighten the eye.  Before we even made our own bronzers, I was using this my bronzer.  I was inspired by my own colours, with deeper undertones, undertones that are often missing.  Our Cheek Clapper (£38.00), which is obviously a play on words for twerking, is a 3D blush trio; there’s a cream, full impact matte, and a hyper-sheen.  These are the most pigmented shades, virtually like eyeshadows, super soft and buildable.  I wanted them to be easy for on the go, and I love this because I’ve layered my cream underneath before baking, then layered my powder, then layered my hyper-sheen.  This gives the most gorgeous super-tonal glow, easy to decipher – the guess work is so easy, it feels so great in your hand.  It’s like an older phone – a StarTAC – fliphones. It’s not traditionally a highlighter, but a hybrid blush.

This setting spray is also amazing, super viral, super famous online.  I actually sprayed this on my face at Christmas, jumped in the pool, then put a white towel on my face and nothing came off.  This is called On ‘Til Dawn Setting Spray (£30.00) and it’s a mattifying waterproof setting spray – super gorgeous. I just spray it – cover lashes – and I’ll be good until tomorrow.  It also works well on set, and if you want a longer lasting effect, use the Preserve The Serve Setting Spray (£32.00) – a beautiful luminous setting spray – so you have the two.

Going back to the start of your career, what brought you into the makeup industry?

I loved transformation.  I grew up watching Disney princesses and seeing someone transform from a pauper to a prince or princess – that was the era that I grew up in the 2000s.  Makeover shows were very popular then and I loved how people felt and the story of the transformation.  I love a process; I always tell everyone I’m addicted to a process, seeing things come to fruition.  I’m obsessed with the how,  how everything comes together, how does magic happen, how does makeup happen, instant gratification and transformation.  I have a Disney collaboration – a beautiful face and eye palette, [with] blushes in the same tones.  The colours are actually inspired by the exact Pantones that Disney lent to me from their vault – the blush is Mickey’s tongue, the darker shadow is the inside of Mickey’s mouth, we have a liquid lipstick in the shade of Mickey’s cloak, this is also in the actual broomstick, then this is Mickey’s skintone – Dream.  These are beautiful transformers, tonal super shiny glitters that you can see right here.  The blue is on the inside of my eye today.  For a little bit more magic, there’s this popup here.  For Disney to partner with us for our first collaboration was huge, it kind of validated my existence in the beauty world to me.  My middle name is actually Sidney, inspired by Disney, so it was kind of meant to be for all of us.

Who is a face you’d love to work on?

Oprah – I love Oprah.  I’d love to just chat with her and breathe the same air, she’s gorgeous.  I have a few celebrities coming up, but it’s really cool that I‘ve been able to crossover outside of digital and catch the attention of celebrities.  Not to say that validation is necessary, but it allows an artist to feel present and grounds you in your work, in your experience, from the makeup artist’s point of view this industry is every changing, there’s not a college degree or PhD or doctorate that you can get with being a MUA, but the validation that you get from seeing your work complete, seeing people react to your art and the amount of love that you pour into it is really meaningful and I think that’s how we as artists quantify our success.

Obviously, there is a balance between talent and personality when it comes to success in this industry, especially since you came from a digital platform.  How do you strike this balance at ONE/SIZE?

At ONE/SIZE I tell my team ‘less me, more we’, and how can I, as the founder, and as this entrepreneur and influencer, champion the actual name of this brand called ‘ONE/SIZE?’.  Because makeup is a one size fits all, it is for everyone, but I’m totally and completely accountable for our inclusivity.  We stand for the unseen, we stand for the unheard, we represent radical beauty, every type of beauty, and I’m here to champion creativity through beautiful textures.  Creams, mattes, shimmers, updating your complexion, turning up the bass.  The key is to stay who you are.

ONE/SIZE is available in the UK exclusively from Sephora, instore and online.  Thanks to Lesley Chivers and Sephora for arranging this interview with Patrick.



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