The Prosthetics Event 2023

November 17th, 2023

November 17th, 2023

The UK’s No. 1 Prosthetics Event returns to Coventry next weekend for its eighth annual outing.  Bringing with it education, inspiration and the opportunity to buy from specialist retailers, The Prosthetics Event promises to be the perfect day for those interested in makeup FX.

Presented for the second year by TILT Professional Makeup, The Prosthetics Event will take over the Coventry Building Society Arena on Saturday 18th November 2023.  The sold-out show is the perfect day for all with an interest in prosthetics and makeup FX.

Main Stage

The Main Stage runs from 10 am to 5pm, with a half an hour lunchbreak at 12.  Opening the stage is a demo by the event’s highly-decorated founder, Neill Gorton, who, alongside Fang FX’s Brad Greenwood and Chris Lyons, will recreate the Killa makeup from John Wick: Chapter 4.  After the lunch break, Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni will aim to dispel myths and shine a light on the use of digital tools in the workshop, before passing the stage to Ve Neill and Paige Cole for a recreation of the iconic Beetlejuice makeup.  To close the day, the stage will host the Body Art Zone and Application Station results.

Seating up to 600 people, the Main Stage operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and thus queuing early is strongly advised by the event team.  The full schedule breakdown can be found here.

Education Stage

The Education Stage offers talks, teaching and insights from leading names in the industry.  Kicking off the day, Ve Neill speaks with Todd Debreceni and Stuart Bray about their impressive careers, before Sangeet Prabhaker presents a masterclass in subtle aging makeup.  After the lunch break, Kate Benton and Rachel Lennon will discuss and demo how to cover tattoos successfully for the big screen.  The Education Stage seats 150 people and follows the same seating policy as the Main Stage.  The full schedule can be found here.

Monster Mash

With more and more entries every year, the Monster Mash Exhibition promises to showcase all things prosthetics through a wide range of works.  From mask and moulds to creatures and concept designs, the Monster Mash will include contributions from Academy Award winners, recent graduates and aspiring artists alike.

Application Station

The Application Station will host up to eight talented artists, divided into newcomer and professional categories and judged accordingly.  As they apply full-scale prosthetics over the course of the day, the artists will also be happy to chat about their design and application processes, offering a window into the techniques and products used in real time.  The competition will culminate in a parade and prize giving on the Main Stage at the end of the day.

Body Art Zone

Much like the Application Station, the Body Art Zone will also host up to eight body artists with any level of experience who will paint throughout the day.  In keeping with the event’s name, the artists will need to include a prosthetic into their design and will be judged on the overall quality of their design, the effectiveness of incorporating the prosthetic, as well as overall execution.  All entries will be shown on the Main Stage at the end of the day, with the winner receiving a bundle of products from the event’s retail exhibitors, of which the full list can be found here.

Portfolio Surgery

The Prosthetics Event is also bringing back its Portfolio Surgery, a unique chance to have feedback and advice regarding your work by one of the senior industry artists at the event.  Although there are limited places, this incredibly opportunity is open to all who bought a ticket, provided they qualify for selection, which will take place randomly throughout the day.  See here for full details regarding qualification.



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