Autumn Hair Trends

September 7th, 2023

September 7th, 2023

Despite the very welcome September heatwave, autumn is waving at us from around the corner.  We spoke to a few hair experts about the autumn hair style trends we’ll be seeing emerging as the season changes.

The butterfly bob


autumn hair style trends

The bob haircut is set to be a huge trend this season, with celebrities such as Kim K, Jenna Ortega, Megan Fox and Zendaya once again paving the way for this versatile look.

The traditional bob’s flirtier sister, the ‘butterfly bob’, has well and truly made its mark recently, with global Google searches for ‘butterfly bob’ up 93.8%, and the hashtag picking up over 382k views on TikTok.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut as far as your hair’s concerned, the butterfly bob can be a fun and flirty way to breathe new life into your style.

The expert hair stylists at London hair salon, Top One say: “Hairstylists are seeing requests for much more natural, untamed looks this year, with mullet inspired wolf cuts gaining popularity, as well as choppy layers, wispy bangs and now the butterfly bob.The butterfly bob is just a more flexible, laid back version of your standard bob. It plays with layers and lengths with a lot less structure, allowing the hair to frame the face more naturally.

The term ‘butterfly’ bob comes from its face framing, feathered layers and curtain bangs, which can resemble butterfly wings that allow for some serious movement.

Top One recommend wave spray, to give the cut more movement. Particularly Ouai’s Wave Spray, used by the likes of the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid and Gwen Stefani (to name a few), granting gorgeous separation and flexible hold.


Glazed Donut Hair

Slicked back styles have been growing increasingly popular with many sleek styles showcased over on social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok. As ‘clean girl aesthetic’ shows no signs of slowing down, Fudge Professional Global Ambassador Jonathan Andrew predicts slick looks segueing from summer into autumn. Over the last year we’ve spied celebrities and certified Glazed donut devotees: Bella Hadid, Sofia Richie and Hailey Bieber sporting a variety of looks from the trend, such as iridescent icing-pink nails to juicy high-shine skin, so it was a natural progression to take the juicy movement to their hairstyles.

Jonathan says: “Glazed donut hair is a glam style – leaning away from the bedhead, beach babe looks, and nodding towards an expensive healthy-looking finish. Its time to work those glossy, sleek styles such as Chelsea girl chignons and classic low-slung buns or even just wearing your usual style with extra gloss and sass. This trend couldn’t be more perfectly timed with the heatwave wreaking havoc with frizz and making hair unmanageable and wild. Glazed locks will keep frizz at bay thanks to the juicy slicked back finish and will feel ultra-cool in these crazy temperatures (and make you even cooler!)’.  I like the glazed look when it’s sleek with a ponytail or bun at the nape (a la Sophia Richie’s wedding hairstyle).”

This look suits all clients due to its versatility – add accessories, earrings and juxtapose the simplicity of the style with statement accessories.   Jonathon recommends that those with a more rounded face use  Fudge Professional Texture Spray to give the look more volume to their glossy bob – just because it is shiny doesn’t mean it has to be flat.  He adds: “My advice for day to night is to slick your hair (even if a bob) into a swish little bun or pony and rock that glossy sleek look – which will also take you from desk to the disco – just add a spritz of hairspray for staying power in the evening. If matte is always the look you’ve gone for, I’d say follow suit of this beautifully versatile celeb style.


Shadow Bangs

autumn hair style trends

British hair stylist and trend forecaster, Tom Smith, the “hairvoyant” says:

Fringes and bangs have truly become their own stand-alone category, and this fuller, blunt style of fringe has spent a while on the periphery of what is popular in face framing styles, with bottleneck bangs and softer more sweeping options pulling focus. It’s interesting to me that the current growing presence of a full fringe is undeniable and eye skimming ‘shadow bangs’ show an edgier side of sultry for those who like the face framing this style has to offer.

The currently popular version of a full fringe is eyelash skimming and slightly curved down at the edges while being cut very blunt – monthly fringe trims will be required to maintain this. This shape works best on deeper tones of hair that’s either naturally (or willing to be styled) sleek.  Tom recommends JVN Blowout Milk to give incredible silky, fluid shine and protection for heat styling this sleek look into place.


Old Money Piece

Looking at autumn colour trends, Tom also predicts money pieces will reemerge this season.

While a money piece is nothing new, being firmly placed as a macro trend in its own right means we can expect periodic adaptations and reinventions of the look. The ‘Old Money Luxury’ trend in fashion boasts a quiet subtlety and a focus on quality which is being translated into this season’s money piece through a softer, more blended appearance that brightens from above the temples rather than in a statement making strip across the front. Brightness around the face is desirable for many and even the popular ‘Scandi hairline’, while having all the potential to be bold and harsh looking, is really focusing on just the fine baby hairs that frame the face which actually ends up looking quite soft. The ‘Old Money Piece’ is a quieter and more refined brightening of the face frame that grows out softly and whispers rather than shouts.

Less is more here, Old money focuses on quality, not quantity and so have your colourist add carefully placed highlights that blend seamlessly around your hairline, fading gently into the body of your hair – avoid a solid section or too thick of a ‘scandi hairline’ style application.”



autumn hair style trends

There’s been no shortage of ‘Barbiecore’ references around this year and it’s the rules of global trends that when one polarity is popular, the opposite is also often true. Many of our celeb tastemakers have opted for deeper, glossier and muted tones of late and this more sultry, understated style is the opposite of the loudness that Barbie Blonde offers.

Tom says “As colourists we often find that those who suit one end of the colour spectrum, can often suit the other, and so if you prefer platinum blonde over bronde or caramel tones, you may feel great as a deeper, inkier brunette – it’s a big commitment to make such a change so get the opinion of an experienced colourist who can advise if you’l still feel like a version of yourself at the opposite end of the shade spectrum. Don’t forget to consider the role your eyebrows play and if making a dramatic change, be open to tweaking your makeup and go-to wardrobe choices too.”

Tom notes “High gloss is essential here: I recommend using Color Wow Extra Shine Spray and the new Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray to keep the look salon fresh.”


autumn hair style trends

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autumn hair style trends



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