The Simpsons for Sale

July 19th, 2023

July 19th, 2023

You may have seen on socials – or ITV news! – that our friend Marshall Julius is selling his huge collection of The Simpson’s memorabilia, certainly one of the largest collections of its kind in the UK.

A fan from the time the show hit our screens in 1989, Marshall lovingly gathered his collection of around 2,000 pieces over three decades.  Boasting not only collectable figures and prototypes, but also books and comicbooks, promotional and press materials, original animation art and posters, rare trading cards, scores of autographs and an original, signed Bart Simpson sketch by Matt Groening.

Marshall remarked, “Collecting, for me, is a way to express my love for something and to feel closer to it.  For the moment it first aired, I loved The Simpsons.  Being nerdy and hilarious it just spoke to me – it’s easy to forget now just how fresh and different it was.  It was so smart and sarcastic and full of references – I felt like it was just for me!”

The decision to sell was not an easy one, but with a house move pending and all the costs that entails, it seemed the sensible thing to do.

“In my life,” reflected Marshall, “I’ve rarely made the grown-up decision, but, with the funds I’ll hopefully earn from the sale, my wife and I will be able to navigate the stressful ups-and-downs of moving house.  I could live with selling my Simpsons collection to achieve such a worthwhile goal.  And then I’ll never have to do the mature thing again.”

Ideally, Marshall would like his collection to remain intact, and is in discussion with private collectors and auction houses about the best way to sell this unique treasure trove.  He’s also happy to curate the collection for the new owner, not only delivering their ready-made collection, but also setting it up for them to look its best in its new home.

After posting on Twitter that he was thinking of selling the collection, it was picked up by ITV News.  Reporter Rags Martell came to the house to do a report; Marshall’s children were thrilled – not that their dad was on the TV, but that their greyhound Merlin was in the video and is now famous.  Not quite the dizzy heights of Santa’s Little Helper perhaps, but getting there!

Catch Merlin’s starring role on ITV news below:

Marshall can be contacted about the sale via Twitter.


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By Sarah Dann

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