Love Letters Nails – step by step

February 8th, 2023

February 8th, 2023

As regular readers will know, here at Warpaint we love a themed nail design, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner we have quite a selection to share with you.  First up,  Salon System nail expert Natalie Farrow from Golden Triangle Nails has created this Valentine’s Love Letter design using Gellux shades.

If you don’t have Gellux products to hand you can substitute them for others.  If you are using non-gel polish, remember to use a good base coat and to let each coat set fully before moving on to the next step.

Step One

Prep the nails. File to shape, push back the cuticle and buff the nail plate. Cleanse nails with Gellux Prep + Wipe (£4.20 +vat), apply two coats of Gellux Rose Pink Builder Gel (£11.95 +vat) as a base, curing for 60 seconds between each layer


Step Two

Using a liner art brush, apply Gellux Maraschino Cherry (£11.95 +vat), creating a swirl design, curing for 60 seconds.


Step Three

For the second swirl, take a thinner liner art brush and apply Gellux Hawaii Hibiscus (£11.95 +vat) making the swirls different thicknesses as you go.


Step Four

Then, for the third swirl, following the same shape, use Gellux Cherry Blossom (£11.95 +vat). Cure for 60 seconds.


Step Five

Next, for the fourth swirl, apply Gellux Pink Champagne (£11.95 +vat) and lastly, use Hawaii Hibiscus again to fill in the last small gap of the nail bed. Cure for 60 seconds.


Step Six

Afterwards, apply Gellux Purely White (£11.95 +vat) creating a rectangular shape, to form the envelope. Cure for 60 seconds.


Step Seven

For this step, use Gellux Black Onyx (£11.95 +vat) to outline the envelope. Cure the nail bed for 60 seconds.


Step Eight

Next, using a dotting tool, apply two dots close together using Maraschino Cherry. Then, using a thin art liner brush to drag the dots down, creating a tiny heart. Cure for 60 seconds.


Step Nine

For that glossy finish, apply Gellux Super Shiny Top Coat (£11.95 +vat) and set for 60 seconds. Then, wiping the sticky residue with Prep + Wipe before applying cuticle oil to finish.

Salon System Gellux is available from wholesalers nationwide.


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