Judges: Behind the Clipboard #2

January 16th, 2023

January 16th, 2023

Ahead of our first Virtual Competition of the year on Monday 23rd January, we speak to the Warpaint family of judges and share their insight and experience with you over a series of short features.

In this second feature we talk to Armand Beasley and Yasmin Heinz, who have both judged many competitions for us, primarily the Bridal and Fashion categories respectively.  However their advice and observations apply across all categories, and to the workplace as well as in competition.


Having started as an actor, Armand trained during his “resting periods” in skincare, make up and fragrance to expand his skills.  This led to him setting up a Personal Beauty Studio in conjunction with House of Fraser.  He then started appearing regularly on radio and TV as a beauty expert, including GMTV with Armand creating makeup and beauty looks for members of the public.  He has also appeared on UK and global TV and radio networks as presenter and regular guest, as well as writing and contributing to beauty columns for publications around the world.  He also has worked on editorial shoots internationally, from Greece to the Oscars in LA, to fashion shows in Delhi and society weddings in New York.

Still working as an actor, you may well see him on BBC1 later this year.  However, one of his proudest moments has been co-creating the 100% natural high-shine nourishing multipurpose balm with BuzzBalm Beauty, Pro Body Glow which launched in October 2019 to rave reviews, and has become a firm favourite with MUAs, consumers and celebrities alike.


Warpaint: Armand, what do you look for when judging competitions?

I look for MUAs who can enhance someone’s natural beauty…not mask it . I love the subtlety and delicate nature of makeup – we all know and appreciate the drama and transformational power of makeup.

Blending and balance is also key for me. Where is the focus? When you have bold brows, eyes, cheeks and lips you can’t always see the person, instead you just see the makeup.

I want to see the beauty of the model/client shine through with the makeup creating a spotlight on their features.

Working at the cutting edge of beauty and fashion, from photo shoots to runway shows, music videos and advertising campaigns, Yasmin’s expertise is in demand by photographers, designers and celebrities alike.

Born in Germany she was previously based in New York – where she started her career as an assistant alongside the iconic make-up artist Linda Mason – and Paris.  Yasmin currently resides in London; the place she calls home because of its creative spirit.

Her extraordinary career has led her to work with designers including Chanel, Dior, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and in team with Pat McGrath for Galliano and Victor & Rolf; magazines such as Elle, ID, Harper’s Bazaar, Hunger, Vanity Fair and Vogue; plus a host of A-list celebrities and photographers.

Yasmin published her best-selling first beauty book in German in 2013.  Entitled Geschminkte Wahrheit it gives an intimate insight into the world behind the brush, exploring the tricks of the trade and the day-to-day mechanics of an international make-up artist.  Her latest book, in English, is the visually opulent coffee table beauty and art book Elements – The Art Of Make-Up, displays Yasmin’s breath-taking work, using the human face as her canvas.

Warpaint: Yasmin, what do you look for when judging a competition?

To be a good beauty makeup artist, you need to be able to understand what each client wants and how to achieve that look. You also need to be able to communicate effectively with your client and understand their needs.

I look for an MUA to showcase their skills in a variety of ways, including:

  • Being welcoming and approachable, and listening to the client/model.
  • Having knowledge of a variety of application techniques, different products and the skin.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness of the working area and kit.
  • Design of makeup mood board.
  • Colour choices.
  • Originality, artistry and creative flair.
  • Use of makeup products, and add ons when appropriate, eg gems, feathers, glitter etc.
  • Only using professional quality cosmetics that are safe for the skin and the model.
  • The finished look, did the design get translated throughout?
  • Being flexible and professional, and open to change the look if necessary depending on the client/model.
  • Being thorough and paying attention to details.


Want to enter our virtual competition?  All details are here – don’t wait too long, registration closes at 5pm Friday 20th January.


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