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Studio One at Urban Retreat

July 25th, 2022

July 25th, 2022

Never one to rest on her laurels, award-winning fashion makeup artist, author and podcaster, Lan Nguyen-Grealis has kept busy during lockdown and unveiled the fruits of her labours this spring.  Partnering with luxe brand, Urban Retreat at the White House, she’s launched the first bespoke makeup and grooming space that can also be booked by freelancers for their clients.  Warpaint headed down to SW1 to meet the ‘Art and Makeup‘ author and check it out.

Lan Art and Makeup Challenge

Tell us about your new venture.  How long have you been open?

My new venture, opened in early 2022, is a dedicated space for makeup and education for everyone and offers a more accessible space to enjoy having your makeup and pampering done by an expert with experience in the fashion industry.  It allows the client to really have that unbiased VIP experience without the hustle and bustle of a retail environment, while learning tips and tricks ensuring a rewarding exchange of value between the client and artist.

Furthermore, the space provides freelancers access to hire a chair and create a home for clients within the business at the heart of Knightsbridge, taking away the huge cost associated with having your own space.  This also curates a community of great makeup artists who collaborate and are able to enjoy a welcoming environment in which to bring their clients, which also reduces artists’ time and cost lost to travel.

Studio One

How did this partnership come about?

I’ve always loved the idea of having my own central space to be able to service my clients, so when Urban Retreat at the White House approached me during the lockdown, it was a great opportunity.  Especially with COVID, I felt it was essential to offer makeup services in the area in a calm and fun environment while simultaneously being safe and not too exposed.

Studio One

What does Studio One offer that makes it so different?

For me, it’s all about the talent and community; the expertise and experience that you receive is above and beyond.  The space provides the freedom to learn and try a range of products on the market in one place, as well as being able to cater to all clients’ wishes.  From natural to Red Carpet to character face paint, we provide the right artist who can create the desired look.  We are not driven by sales targets and brand partnerships, and strive to settle any worries a client may have when looking for the perfect look.

As with hairdressers, you follow where they go because they are best for you.  Here at Studio One Makeup, we give the head-to-toe service with makeup, ensuring you are looked after and have that one-to-one service in order to feel confident.  Our goal is to deliver a luxurious affordable service that actually becomes part of your self-care routine, as well as housing experts in hair and nails, and offering great food, all under one roof.

Studio One

What range of services are offered to clients?

We offer services from quick express makeovers for those on the go to full makeup application which is the red-carpet experience.  We also offer lessons that are dedicated to helping the client choose and learn the tips and tricks to create whatever look they desire, as well as dissecting their makeup bags and routines in order to make them more efficient.

Additionally, our space caters  for events, parties, group sessions and branding partnerships, providing access to hair, nails and brow specialists all under the one roof.

Studio One

How do you select artists to work with you?

Our artists need to have experience in both fashion and beauty show work, skills in Red Carpet looks, as well as a proven client record.  We often take on artists I know personally or have worked with me on live events and do a site test.  It is a small world, and referral and feedback are key.

Studio One

This is a great way for you to source assistants for your many projects. What does Studio One offer to artists themselves?

Studio One offers a home with the makeup artist in mind first.  The space in the heart of Knightsbridge is a lovely place for artists to bring their own clients, offering a great selection of skincare and makeup brands to work with.  The freedom to be creative and grow their own personal client network is invaluable, and provides for those with constant requests while also having access to many influential contacts that come in and out of the building.  We offer support with receptionists that have one-to-one PA services, as well as access to myself as I can give training and extending work off site.

Studio One

What are your most popular treatments and services?

The most popular service is the application and lessons.  I feel the clients really love coming here just to have a pamper session if they are going on a night out and want to try new looks.  There has also been a great demand from young teenagers wanting to learn to do their makeup and get tips regarding the right products to use.

Studio One Studio One

I’ve been lucky enough to experience an appointment with you and sampled the amazing food.  Tell us about your partnership with Holy Carrot.

We pride ourselves on offering the whole service, whether it’s a quick blow-dry, hairstyling, nails, facial or a massage, while allowing our clients to snack and eat amazing food by Holy Carrot that is 100% vegan and gluten free.  It’s a no brainer!  By having access to everything the experience is enhanced within the time slot and the client feels absolutely spoilt.

Studio One

You’re constantly evolving as an artist – what’s next for you?

Actually I’ve just launched my second post cast series,The Power of Makeup, with 12 new episodes that I’m very excited about and hope to get the next educational series on the go through a new platform that I’ve been working on for years before the pandemic.  I’ve got some new event collaborations that I’m designing for so hopefully that may take me abroad now that restrictions are lifted.  I’m itching to get back to location work and travelling.

You can find Lan and her team at Urban Retreat, 2-4 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 0LH

Follow them on social @urban_retreat and @Lanslondon



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