Kit Saviours: Ciara O’Shea

July 12th, 2022

July 12th, 2022

Ciara O’Shea (aka Ciara Does Makeup) grew up in a small town in the middle of Ireland, the kind of place that didn’t sell Vogue. Her mother’s makeup cabinet was the place where she found her escapism, mesmerised by the luxury and the ritual as well as the smells and the colours. This is where she experimented and developed her full obsession.

Ciara moved to London to study at LCF, while there she took a job working retail on the West End for all the Estee Lauder companies, gaining training and knowledge and working with all types of faces and ethnicities. It was invaluable training. Next came a stint with the Pussy Cat Dolls and a brief foray with the music industry before decided that fashion was where her heart was at.

She assisted all of the world’s best makeup artists before settling in to Pat McGrath’s team, being backstage at the best shows, with the world’s best was a time she will never forget.

Ciara went out on her own to forge her own career designing and creating looks for clients like JW Anderson, TODS, Ralph Lauren, celebs such as Madonna, Liv Tyler, Gwendoline Christie, and magazine covers for publications such as POP, Love, Perfect Dazed, Vogue etc.

From 2016-2018 She was the Body Shop’s Global Ambassador and Makeup Artist, and she is LUMENE’s current UK Pro Artist Ambassador.

Ciara lives in London but travels extensively, thus leading her to develop her own product over 3 years and bringing it to market at the end of 2021. Proshine by CDM is a high shine solid body oil that is portable, natural and sustainable.


We caught up with Ciara to have a rifle through her kit bag.   As you will see, she definitely has a thing for women making products.  This makes sense as she is now one of them!


DeMamiel Sleep Series (£40) – there are many in the series and I carry them all.  Annie DeMamiel has a loyal following for many reasons and one of them is because she makes the most magical products. These oils keep everyone on set motivated and happy and provided a much-needed refresh at pivotal points in the day. I find them essential when I am travelling too.


Suzanne Kaufman Multi- Protection Mist (£54) – this spray is like primer and a setting spray and a heavenly hydrator all in one. I use it to make the skin elastic and to give it the kind of dewy glazed finish everyone dies for. It has an added bonus of protecting you from blue light.


Monika Blunder Beauty Blunder Cover (£45) – a foundation/concealer all in one. This super versatile base has a beautiful texture that can be manipulated at will. At first I didn’t think it would work in high heat or extreme temperatures but I also thought, Monika lives in LA, it must…. and it does. Makes all skins look dreamy and the colour range is intelligent and considered meaning there is no shade you can’t mix.


MAC PRO Eyebrows Big Boost Fibre Gel  (£20) – I use a lot of MAC PRO but I am never without this brilliant brow mascara. I love how this gives real fluffy believable brows. I like to mix and match the shades to give the brow a multi tonal natural finish. Super quick and easy too. Just always get rid of the excess off the wand before applying!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette – matte dense pigments in a brilliant range of colours that will make blending any shade possible.  It has neutrals, brights and primaries, the dream!! I find the lasting power to be exceptional which is why it’s always in my bag.


Face Lace (from £14.95) – I have long been a Phyllis Cohen fan girl but never more so than now with her clever brand, Face Lace. You will know it from watching Euphoria. I have all sorts of designs, including custom ones especially made in collaboration for when I need to create something spectacular. The designs are so easy to use, can be used multiple times (if you handle them with care) and are fuss free and mess free and save hours of labour. A really clever brand.


Danessa Myricks waterproof cream colour palette (£36) – this DOES NOT budge. Ever. I use it anywhere on the skin and the results are great pigments and staying power for even the harshest of weather and circumstances. I have them in a few different colour ways and they are essential for the kit. Covers you for so many types of situations.



Lanolip’s lip balm (£10.99) – there are many many lip balms, but when the chips are down and you just need it to work, then this is the one. I keep one in my skincare bag and one in my set bag. It never fails.


The light salon LED BOOST MASK (£395) – the older I get the more convinced I am of the powers this mask has!! I use it myself religiously but I always have it in my kit too. It’s seriously good for plumping and clearing the skin. It heals and brightens which makes all my clients (and crew) happy. Partially good in a situation where the celeb or model is stressed out, it gives them some space and breathing time and the skin looks and feels so much better after that it immediately changes the mood of the room….. you know what I’m talking about!!


PROSHINE BY CDM – so, disclaimer, this is my brainchild. I designed it to be the most natural, most practical body finisher on the market. I made sure it had the exact type of shine that worked in all types of light. Perfect for HD filming as it contains no glitter or shimmer. It’s great as a body moisturiser for celebs because it’s made entirely of natural ingredients and smells great. It’s also designed for super-fast application and no spills meaning you don’t have to worry around expensive red carpet dresses. For editorials, I love to build up to a high glass shine and shine a direct light on to it. It’s particularly good on dry sensitive skins as it immediately brings them to life. Natural, vegan, female owned, self-funded, what more could you want!! Lol

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