MAC Viva Glam 2021

December 1st, 2021

December 1st, 2021

December 2021 will mark 40 years since the first AIDS related death was recorded in the UK.

This month, M•A•C Cosmetics recognises the progress made since the beginning of the AIDS pandemic, and the work yet to be done.  This is where VIVA GLAM comes in.

What is VIVA GLAM?

VIVA GLAM is M•A•C Cosmetics’ charitable campaign.  It was founded in 1994 to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS through the sale of VIVA GLAM lipsticks at a time when the pandemic was dramatically affecting the world.

M•A•C’s founders came up with a simple concept – they would make a lipstick, a sign of activism as you put it directly on your lips used to speak about what’s important to you and dedicate 100% of the selling price to organisations that would directly serve people affected by HIV/AIDS.

How does it work?

When you spend £17.50 on a VIVA GLAM Lipstick, M•A•C donates £17.50 to support women and girls, the LGBTQIA+ community and people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.  In the UK and Ireland, the full recommended retail price (RRP) (less VAT) from the sale of VIVA GLAM lipsticks, is donated to organisations that support the health and rights of people of all ages, all races, and all genders. The foundation also makes grants to non-profit organisations that make a meaningful impact on health, rights and equality.

Today, 1st December, World AIDS Day, M·A·C  announced their latest ambassador, artist and philanthropist Keith Haring.

The artistic parallels between Haring and M•A•C are evident: Haring’s inimitable street pop art sprang into the epicentre of New York’s artistic subculture in the 1980s, right when M•A•C launched as the definitive rule-breaking Artistry brand.  It is the communal belief in equal rights and healthy futures for all that forms the most meaningful message for M•A•C VIVA GLAM x Keith Haring.  Haring himself died of AIDS-related complications in 1990.

Three special-edition Lipsticks (£17,50 each) in Keith Haring’s signature primary colour palette in Matte and Frost finishes come together for this year’s VIVA GLAM collection. Each work of pop art is expressed through Keith Haring’s symbolic street-style imagery.

Red Haring – Bright vibrant red (matte)

Canal Blue – Bold blue with micro-pearlescent particles (matte)

St. Marks Yellow – Sheer bright yellow with pearlescent particles (frost)

Available 1st December at M•A•C Freestanding Stores and maccosmetics.

If art is the heart of M•A•C, then VIVA GLAM is very much its soul,” says Dominic Skinner, UK and ROI- based Global Senior Artist.

Akin to how the artist considered the subways of New York his laboratory for experimentation, VIVA GLAM x Keith Haring invites experimentation and creative exploration.  Mix, match and create limitless impactful looks with red, yellow and blue hues that are as boldly original worn alone as they are when mixed to a bespoke shade of purple, green or orange.

Play, create and express yourself anyway you want,” says Skinner. “Apply, mix, blend and customize your VIVA GLAM look your way and wear it with pride.”


M•A•C VIVA GLAM x Keith Haring invites you to embrace the power of your creativity, ultimately reflecting Haring’s belief that art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.

Our partnership with M•A•C Cosmetics is really a perfect match,” says Gil Vazquez, Acting Director of the Keith Haring Studio. “Between the bold colour palette and the ethos of the brand, we really appreciate the synergies here and can’t wait to see this all come to life.”

In addition to the three new, special-edition M•A•C VIVA GLAM x Keith Haring Lipsticks there are also 3 VIVA GLAM lipsticks available all-year-long.  100% of the selling price of VIVA GLAM I Lipstick, VIVA GLAM II Lipstick and VIVA GLAM III Lipstick goes to support the health and rights of people of All Ages, All Races and All Genders all year around.

VIVA GLAM I – Intense brownish blue-red

VIVA GLAM II – Creamy subdued pinkish-beige mauve

VIVA GLAM III – Muted brownish-plum

All £17.50 available in MAC stores and maccosmetics

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