Kit Saviours – Jennie Roberts

November 15th, 2021

November 15th, 2021

Jennie Roberts is the founder of bodypainting festival and on-line shop Paintopia and a collaborator with us on Warpaintopia.  Jennie’s worked on a huge array of projects and is an experienced teacher of body painting.  She’s knows what to look for in a college and will only offer her teaching services at the best.  Jennie is also an international judge who often travels abroad at the invitation of other bodyart competitions.  A keen educator, she most recently co-presented the Beyond the Brush podcast.


We take a delve through her enviable kit bag.


Nanshy kabuki brushesThey are so good for bodypainting bases on with and they are brilliant for blending too


Cameleon 1″ Angle brushPerfect for sharp linework and for applying one stroke/colorblocks to bodypainting and facepainting designs.


Cameleon lemon soap – The best facepaint removal soap out there. Brilliant for models to wash off paint and also great for sanitizing brushes and sponges too.


Cameleon Petal brushPerfectly shaped to be able to double or triple load with two or three colours to then create that perfect flower petal in your bodyart design.


Monster PastiesNot very available at the moment because they are handmade by one person in the US who was sadly very poorly with Covid last year but these are the absolute best nipple covers for bodypainting.



Paintopia pantsSlightly biased because I sourced and produced these myself but they are (in my opinion) the best bodypainting pants out there. I can’t stand the horrible stick on gusset type things available that look like sanitary towels and want my models to feel as comfortable as possible as well as having underwear that is quick to paint and seamless so they blend into the design. So after almost two years of searching and consulting the Paintopia pant range was born in thong, bikini and unisex shorts. They are always in my kit and now used all over the world too by students through to world bodypainting champions!


Kryolan Digital Complexion Foundation and correctors – My favourite foundation currently. It’s so versatile and looks so incredible on camera because it’s been designed especially for the latest technology in film and tv. Feels so light to wear too and is self-setting.


Cameleon Inkheart Blue – My go to colour for most of my bodyart linework. A really gorgeous alternative to black.


Bodypainting by Cat stencils – Absolutely love these for adding texture to bodyart/facepainting designs. The honeycomb one is one of my current favourites but there are so many to choose from to compliment all kinds of creative designs.


Mouldlife AquaFix – My favourite skin safe body adhesive. I decant it into a little bottle and don’t go to a job without it as it’s so useful for attaching prosthetics, fabric nipple covers, gems etc. Water based it holds securely but removes easily and safely too.



Follow Jenn on Instagram, facebook and YouTube.

For bodypainting paints and accessories visit paintopiapro.


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