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October 29th, 2021

October 29th, 2021

From celeb MUA Gary Cockerill’s Make Up Intelligence range comes the Illuminate Hydrate and Mattify Primer (£28) the base product no one should be without.  This 2 in 1 primer ensures makeup glides on easily improving coverage, staying power and hydration and has been formulated for all skin types.   One end contains the Illuminate Hydrate primer to help hydrate and add a subtle glow, while the other works to smooth over the appearance of enlarged pores and blur over excess shine. Formulated with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and lime extract.  Available now from makeupintelligencegc.


In celebration of its 25th birthday, US brand Pacifica Beauty launched this week exclusively at Cult Beauty.  Created in 1996 by aromatherapist Brook Harvey-Taylor in Portland, Oregan, the wellness and beauty brand combines heart, soul and science to create high-performance body, skin and hair care with conscious, cutting-edge ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free formulas and plant-powered aromatherapy.  Packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Must tries include the Vegan Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara (£20) where fluffy and feathery meet staying power.  The glossy true black, conditioning, lightweight vegan & cruelty free formula is guaranteed to see lashes through the day and beyond.  The Rosemary Purity Invigorating Haircare line (from £13) is formulated for congested scalps and leaves a feeling of clean like no other with its infusion of rosemary, mint, and spirulina. Vegan Collagen Creamy Gel Cleanser (£21) is formulated with flower milk and vegan collagen. Sulphate-free, this gel works into a soft, creamy lather to refresh your skin removing all traces of dirt and make up.  Available now from cultbeauty.


Warpaint favourite Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap (from £8.19), has been Broadway approved by Irish actress Rachel Tucker who used it to remove her all over green body paint after starring in Wicked on Broadway each night.  She said It’s a vegetable-oil soap which is very effective for the makeup pigment on the body. Whether its fake blood from a Squid Game participant costume or full blown head to toe body makeup, Dr. Bronner’s can remove all matter of Hallowe’en paraphernalia. A must have for any makeup artists who are creating dramatic Hallowe’en looks.  Also perfect for cleansing makeup brushes and sponges, available in a variety of scents, including unperfumed.  Available from drbronner.


Dr.PAWPAWs award-winning, budget friendly 99% natural Overnight Lip Mask (£4.50) is now available in a new pocket friendly size (10ml).  Compact and perfect for travelling, and at this time of year the perfect stocking filler. The new size contains natural peptides to gradually and naturally plump the lips over time.  It can also be used around the eyes and on the forehead to help reduce fine lines, and as a daily intensive lip balm.  Available from drpawpaw and superdrug.


Artistic Nail Design are launching The Big Bang Collection featuring six limited edition Holiday and Winter shades done the Artistic way! This colour range is edgy, eye-catching, and guaranteed to bring to life the out of this world confidence of nail lovers everywhere.  The shades will be available in Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Polish (£12.95 +vat), Colour Revolution Reactive Nail Lacquer (£5.95), and Perfect Dip Powders (£12.95) ensuring that every lover of colour will have an Artistic formula to meet their nail needs.

The collection includes six new otherworldly shades: Queen Of The Cosmos – Indigo Pearl, Glare If You Dare – Maroon Pearl, Beaming Babe – Candy Apple Red Shimmer, You’re Stellar – Platinum Gold Glitter, Stargazer – Taupe Crème and New Constellation – Nude Crème. Available in November 2021 for a limited time from louellabelle.


New from Salon System is the RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit (£49.95 +vat).  Salon System is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of RefectoCil.  The new Brow Lamination Kit provides lash and brow styling experts with the perfect tools for the must-have brow lamination look. The RefectoCil Brow Lamination enables you, the therapist, to semi-permanently set your client brows in any position they desire.  In just 10 minutes, brows are given long-lasting shape and is the ideal application to conceal gaps and tame stubborn hair shapes too. Each kit has approximately 15 applications per kit, depending on thickness and size of brows.

The kit includes: 2x Lash & Brow Perm with new keratin formulation; 2x Neutralizer 3.5ml; 1x Cosmetic Brush; 2x Application Dishes and 1x Eye Care Pads.  Available from Professional Beauty Wholesalers nationwide


US brand Desert Harvest,  the market leader in high quality, scientifically studied, all-natural supplements and skincare, has launched Aloe Renew ($27) its new moisturising and firming cream.  Packed with a patented blend of Desert Harvest’s proprietary, nutrient-rich aloe and other powerful, all natural ingredients, Aloe Renew is the perfect cocktail to fight aging and exposure to pollution and other environmental elements.

Aloe Renew’s key ingredient, aloe, is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, antiseptic and anesthetic.  Aloe includes over 75 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, salicylic acid and polysaccharides that have been shown to support multiple benefits. It also helps with collagen production and tissue regeneration.  Additionally, Aloe Renew includes I-Threonine, an essential amino acid that the body can’t produce and must be acquired through products or diet, Tripeptide-1, which stimulates collagen production, and CoQ10 to help generate energy in the body’s cells.  Its copper and ceramides also promote skin elasticity, firmness and thickness, while reducing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Desert Harvest is known for providing the highest concentrated aloe in the market, because of the way they harvest.  Available in the UK from tinypioneer.


SOS H20 Day Cream SPF 30 (from £5) blends a powerful combination of active plant stem cells and anti-aging ingredients including white truffle and green grape, shown to stimulate new skin cell production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Infused with skin- perfecting ingredients including low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, to keep even sensitive skin moisturised all day.  The silky formula is fast-absorbing, increasing hydration, elasticity and suppleness as well as leaving the skin looking firm and toned.  The encapsulated blend leaves no streaks on the face. The broad-spectrum SPF protects against UVA and UVB rays.  Can be used day or night.  Available from sosserum.


Stylpro have just launched Squeeze (£39.99) – their revolutionary way of cleaning makeup sponges and beauty buffers.  Four years in the making, this builds on the success of their makeup brush cleaner that reduced the cleaning process to under a minute.  The new Stylpro Squeeze is quicker, more effective and more environmentally friendly than washing by hand.  It takes 1 minute and just 500ml of water, compared to anywhere between five and eight minutes and up to 40 litres of water for hand washing.  Using a similar dunk-and-spin technique that Stylpro Original users will be familiar with, the Squeeze uses a patent-pending device that allows you to massage the vegan cleansing solution into your sponge, before rinsing it in sterilizing hot water, and spinning it to its former glory

Their research shows that Squeeze gets sponges 87 times cleaner than hand washing.  This is great news as the moist environment of a sponge is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Researchers at Aston University found that 93% of sponges carry some form of organism, and 25% are contaminated with human waste.  Using a dirty makeup sponge puts you at risk of acne breakouts, skin and eye infections, and many more serious issues.  Available now from styltom.


New from Peep Club is the Moisturising Portable Humidifier (£55) which has dual treatment and treat functions.  The gentle mist works to replace moisture in the air around your bed,workspace or makeup station.  This helps eyes to stay hydrated in-between blinks and combats the drying conditions of modern homes and workplaces.  Many of us also don’t fully close our eyes especially during sleep, waking up with that dry, gritty, itchy feeling, so the humidifier can help keep the exposed eye surface hydrated overnight. These benefits also extend to your skin, which will be better moisturised, plumped and glowing as a result.

Unlike bulky traditional humidifiers, the 300ml ultrasonic Moisturising Portable Humidifier is as light as a reusable water bottle to be easily moved and used wherever you need it. The discrete shape means you can keep it nearby even in an office setting plus it’s super quiet – the only giveaway is a soft whisper of mist.  Available from peepclub.



Industry News

Congratulations to luxury haircare brand, Iles Formula, who have been awarded the Leaping Bunny certification to sit alongside the Butterfly Mark they were awarded by Positive Luxury.  Internationally recognised, the Leaping Bunny certifies brands who meet requirements beyond current laws to provide the best assurance that their formulas are completely free of animal testing at all stages of product development and distribution.  Iles Formula have been called ‘a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated market’ with their guiding principle of ’simplicity meets maximum performance’.  Available from rebelbeautybrands.


Blistex are investing a six-figure sum into a cross-platform communications campaign, which includes extensive advertising on social media working with Influencers across social media platforms.  The creative for the advertising focuses on the ‘Blistex Lip Infusions’ range and the social media campaign includes well known make-up artists with social influencers creating lip art.  The campaign can be viewed on Instagram and Facebook using #blistexlipartchallenge.  Launched earlier this year, the Lip Infusion Range has been carefully created using the most efficacious ingredients, blending science with nature to deliver an unrivalled, premium product, available in three varieties, providing 24-hr hydration with SPF protection.  Available in Boots, Wilko and high street supermarkets.


The Hair and Beauty Charity are still working to support those that need their help.  They had over £250,000 donated from professional beauty expert, Caroline Hirons and the Beauty Backed campaign. They have funds available for those people who do need their help; ask them if you need support.

They are a small charity and have to prioritise assistance to those who need it most urgently.  Priority will be given to households where only one adult (working within the industry) provides the only income to the household (e.g. if you live with your partner who will still receive an employed wage, priority will be given to single parent families whose only income is dependent on their hair/beauty industry wage).  Visit their website for more information and to make an application.

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