Two Faced – Thomas Sekelius

August 5th, 2021

August 5th, 2021

Tone Sekelius, formerly Thomas Sekelius, is one of Sweden’s biggest YouTubers and top influencers with more than 500k followers on social media.  She broke on the social media scene in 2015 with her personal and accessible makeup videos.

Two Faced – The Art of Makeup to be 100% Yourself is her inclusive new makeup tutorial book, documenting her talent and journey as a self-taught artist who questions society’s ideals and breaks barriers.  Since Two Faced was published in June 2021, Tone has come out to followers as a trans in a documentary titled My Name Is Tone, available on Discovery+ in Sweden.  The documentary chronicles her journey of online success and her transition, becoming a source of inspiration and empowerment for many young people.

The book is part manifesto, part instruction manual, and Tone challenges the reader to reject society’s ideals and try new styles in both fashion and makeup.  Her vibrant personality comes across in the book as it does in her online tutorials.


All my life I have lived in a society where two rules apply: less is more and makeup isn’t for guys.  I hope for a place where the ‘more is more’ principle can also apply, and where makeup can be used by everyone.


Tone’s first introduction to makeup was YouTube, but then involvement in school drama productions gave her hands on experience of applying products to shape her face for stage productions.  It was love at first brush so she ordered her own brushes and a starter kit to be able to carry on experimenting and learning at home.  She also started a blog which then transformed into her YouTube channel where she started sharing her videos in 2015.  The first video was about guys using make up which was very well received and followers quickly grew.  Some of her High School counterparts were less supportive however.

The book discusses makeup in a gender inclusive way.  Tone shares her tips and explains her style, challenging readers to break out of their makeup comfort zone and try something new (even if it just stays in the privacy of their own bathroom).


Makeup is one size fits all – it’s society that has to recognise it.


Sections include what is in Tone’s makeup bag; step-by-step tutorials for each area, including different bases, lips, brows, eyeliner, eyeshadow, full looks, dos and don’ts to improve your makeup skills; a Q&A section, glossary of makeup terminology and much more.  Interspersed with these chapters are those in which Tone’s pivotal moments in life are discussed, including coming out as transgender, the reactions of famiy and friends, her mental health challenges, establishing her YouTube channel and her ADHD diagnosis.  She also talks about the importance of music in her life and her own fledgling music career.


The book is full of beautifully shot images, and includes ‘how to’ images with Tone applying different products and creating looks – from natural, everyday looks to trends and attention grabbing editorial-worthy creations.

Anyone who loves makeup will find something in this book, regardless of their gender identity.   As well as sharing Tone’s love for the transformative effects of makeup, It discusses men wearing make-up and the challenges this can present, along with Tone’s tips for dealing with them.  Any artists working with men or trans people may well find this educational in widening their understanding of the very real barriers put up by some elements of society for those stepping outside of their view of “the norm”.


Two Faced – The Art of Makeup to be 100% Yourself by Thomas Sekelius (£24.99) is published by Schiffer Publishing.  Available now from Amazon, WHSmith and all good bookshops.



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