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July 19th, 2021

July 19th, 2021

Working at the cutting edge of beauty and fashion, from photo shoots to runway shows, music videos and advertising campaigns, Yasmin Heinz’s expertise is in demand by photographers, designers and celebrities alike.

Born in Germany Yasmin was previously based in New York – where she started her career as an assistant alongside the iconic make-up artist Linda Mason – and Paris.  She currently resides in London; the place she calls home because of its creative spirit.

Her extraordinary career has led her to work with designers including Chanel, Dior, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and in team with Pat McGrath for Galliano and Victor & Rolf; magazines such as Elle, ID, Harper’s Bazaar, Hunger, Vanity Fair and Vogue; plus a host of A-list celebrities and photographers.

Yasmin published her best-selling first beauty book in German in 2013.  Entitled Geschminkte Wahrheit it gives an intimate insight into the world behind the brush, exploring the tricks of the trade and the day-to-day mechanics of an international make-up artist.  Her latest book, in English, is the visually opulent coffee table beauty and art book Elements – The Art Of Make-Up displays Yasmin’s breath-taking work, using the human face as her canvas.

We jumped at the chance to take a peak inside her makeup kit to see what are her must have products and tools.


Cameleon Facepaint Soap (£7.99)

This cleansing soap is always in my kit.  It is vegan & cruelty free.  You can wash your face with this wonderful soap but also clean your brushes and sponges too.  It smells gorgeous – like a lemon tree.


Weleda Skin Food Body Butter (£19.75)

I have used and loved Weleda products since I was a teenager.  My mom used it all the time because as a Ballet Dancer she favoured natural organic products.   Their products are great for prepping skin before applying the actual makeup look and also ideal for the body and using in between make up applications.


Merumaya Skincare Lip Line Restoration Treatment (£21)

I love this skincare company as her products really work.  I use Maleka’s lip treatment both for myself and on clients with more mature skin to even out little lines around the lips.  Her limited edition Temporary Tattoos carry the message beauty has no age.  They stick on easily and stay well.  A great stand out for evening makeup looks or special occasions for all women of any age.


Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush (£37)

These power powder products are so much more than just blushers.  I use them as eyeshadows, contour colours and mixed with gloss to make fabulous lipsticks.  I am addicted to them and all my clients love the smell too.


Amare Vita Oil I Dream Of (£45)

I love to apply this oil to freshly cleansed skin before the actual makeup procedure.  The ingredients such as lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile and linden are relaxing and puts my client in a good mood.  It is vegan and cruelty free.


Kansha Alchemy Supplements

With no synthetic fillers or preservatives these amazing Good Hair Nutrient Complex (from £29.99) and Advanced Super Skin Nutrition (from £21.99) are always in my kit as my hair and skin saviour supplements.  I recommend them to many clients whose hair and skin suffer particularly during the pandemic.  I take them myself and my skin and hair changed for the better very quickly.


Get Set Go Bags

12 Days of Christmas 2020

The best makeup bags for all my travels. The quality of the bags is very good and protects all your fragile products.  Made by MUAs for MUAs.


Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic (£18)

The one and only Glow Tonic is always in my bag.  It immediately visibly brightens the complexion and makes the face look gorgeously glowy


Dior Backstage Face Brush No18 (£38)

My favourite face brush has short synthetic fibres that are extremely soft and diffuse the product onto the skin for a perfectly even result.  You can also build up the coverage of the foundation to get a fuller look very easily.


Follow Yasmin on Instagram.  See visuals from her latest book here.


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