Beauty For A Better World

July 7th, 2021

July 7th, 2021

Perfect beauty for me is otherworldly and without bounds.

Vincent Van den Dries

IG @vincentvandendries


Beauty for a Better World is a global digital project that offers artists, designers, musicians, actors, students, children and others around the world – whatever their age, culture or background – a platform for sharing their personal vision of beauty.  It wants to bring creativity to life.  A landscape, a phenomenon of nature, the blink of an eye: beauty can emerge from everywhere – and at any given moment.


Pure beauty in people comes from within, nothing more, nothing less.

Peter Philips

This is a tribute to both Karl Lagerfeld and Alexej von Jawlensky. Pierre’s light and camera movements make some of the shots look like genuine paintings. – Peter Philips & Pierre Debusschere


It was launched as a much-need respite from, and an antidote to, the fear, anxiety and dark reality that has engulfed 2020 and 2021.   Art can definitely be a transformative power, and something we all need during challenging times as it brings hope and inspiration for the future.


there is nothing more beautiful than a body in its pure art form

Giel Domen

There is nothing more beautiful than a body in its pure art form. Whatever gender, whatever orientation you are, it’s all the same: love. – Giel Domen & Kenneth Van den Velde


The platform forms a source for that inspiration, originating from the heart and a love for life itself.  In addition, Beauty for a Better World supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, with a particular focus on goal number 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing.  It aims to help battle the stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness that is currently plaguing more than half of the world’s population, according to a recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Never put up barriers in your life, as then you are limited

Yasmin Heinz

For me Real Beauty comes from within. The future and hope depends on the present. Above all you should stay positive within, live your dream, stay authentic, listen to the bird songs and enjoy nature. – Yasmin Heinz [Photo by Felix Lammers @TheLondonStyleAgency]

The woman behind Beauty for a Better World (BFBW) and its overarching organization Beauty Without Irony is Ninette Murk.  She is internationally known as the initiator of Designers against Aids (DAA), a project that used pop culture and creative collaborations with fashion designers, brands and pop/rock stars to raise global awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Ninette Murk

This new multi-platform project has been received with great enthusiasm. Renowned creatives such as Olivier Theyskens, Sam McKnight, Federico Marchetti, Hannelore Knuts (BFBW’s ambassador), Mark Titchner, Giel Domen, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Pierre Debusschere & Peter Philips have already shared their personal representation of pure beauty and new photographs and works of art are being sent in every day.  Every entry is accompanied by a personal Q&A and note from the artist that provides more information and context. With Beauty for a Better World gaining recognition all over the world, Beauty Without Irony is now ready to bring the platform to a higher level.


I wanted to show the world there’s no difference between boys and girls

Sultan from Mardin, Turkey

Sultan’s image is from the Sirkhane Darkroom project which presents the photography work of vulnerable and underprivileged children, affected by conflicts and war.


If you would like to become part of this global project, then select the most beautiful thing you ever created (existing or new) and send your photo (1 MB max ) or the link to your video plus a screenshot (square), to  Remember to include with your name, the title of the photo or video,  your website url and/or Instagram handle (if you want that mentioned) and a quote about what pure beauty means to you.


Where dreams are allowed, where fantasies exist, that’s the most perfect beauty.

Giel Domen

Photo: Domen & Van de Velde, Model: Hannelore Knuts, Styling: Pablo Patane, Make-up: Liselotte van Saarloos, Hair: Joeri Rouffa. IG @domenvandevelde, IG @gieldomen


BFBW are also currently running a competition with Artsthread where creatives can take part for free.  What is your personal and creative vision of beauty? Show them what you can do with your creativity in their innovative competition, which is all about breaking boundaries and breaking rules!

The shortlisted creatives will be invited to be part to an online BFBW talk/workshop/ digital workshop about beauty, creativity and mental health with members of the BFBW Jury over the summer 2021. Closing date 15th July 2021, more information here.


header image: Clouds Nr 1 Guy Kokken: “I enjoy looking at the clouds. The beauty of the skies lies in its transitory aspect. Always moving. Never the same. It has this calming effect on my restless soul.” IG@guykokken



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