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July 2nd, 2021

July 2nd, 2021

Nail the 90’s make-up trend with Urban Retreat’s kind to skin mineral make-up range.

From lilac lids, to glossy glitter lips, Urban Retreat’s new kind to skin mineral make up range is perfect to experiment with the latest 90’s makeup revival trend.

The vegan Skin-Sync Mineral Makeup range is designed to not only make your skin look good but actually do good to your skin too. It contains no nasties and boasts a wealth of botanical and good-for-skin ingredients in each product.

UR use ethically sourced active ingredients from plants, algae, or the sea which are all carefully selected not only for their efficacy but also for their origin and safety.  The product packaging and postal boxes are now made from recycled kraft paper.

The brand also offers an eco-refill on a large selection of their products meaning the packaging can be safely washed and either recycled, composted or refilled.

As the range is kind to skin and planet, this collection will make you look and feel your very best.  Follow the tips below to channel your inner Prince or Sheena Easton!


Dark Lip Liner

This 12-piece UR Lip Pencil Set (£17.50) lip pencil set brings you flawless definition to contrast with any lip gloss shade.

Lilac Lids

The Funky Town Eyeshadow Palette (£19.50) features 9 shades nudes, lilacs and glitters to funk up even the most subtle of shadow creations.

Glossy Lips

UR Lip Gloss (£16.50) comes in 6 shimmering shades of glossy gorgeousness to add a shine to your makeup look.


Get Playful With Colour

Unleash your creativity with the festival themed Boom Town Eyeshadow Palette (£19.50). A combination of highly pigmented, colourful mattes, paired with 4 metallic shimmers to bring your eyeshadow artistry to life.


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