Easter Mini Egg Nails – Step by Step

March 29th, 2021

March 29th, 2021

In time for Easter Salon System nail expert Jaz Moger has created an ombre Mini Egg step by step, using Gellux, which is good enough to eat!

If you don’t have Gellux products to hand you can substitute them for others.  If you are using non-gel polish, remember to use a good base coat and to let each coat set fully before moving on to the next step.


Step One

File the nails to shape, push the cuticles back with the Gellux Cuticle Handy Manicure Tool (£6.95 +vat) and gently buff the surface of the nails with a white block.

Thoroughly wipe nails with Gellux Nail + File Cleansing Spray (£6.95 +vat) and a lint free pad.  When the nails are dry, apply Gellux Fast Bond (£5.85 +vat) and let dry for 30 seconds. Then apply one very thin layer of the Gellux Builder Gel in Light Pink (£11.95 +vat), curing for 60 seconds between each coat.


Step Two

After prepping, paint one coat of Gellux Purely White (£11.95 +vat), and cure. The white acts as good base for the ombré and helps make the colours on top pop.


Step Three

Using a flat nail art brush, start by painting Purely White down the left side of the index finger, clean the brush with a lint free pad and some Gellux Prep + Wipe (£7.10 +vat).

Then, paint Gellux Flirty Fuchsia (£7.25 +vat), mixed with a dash of Gellux Base Top Coat (£11.95 +vat), (to make it lighter) down the right side.  Clean the brush again but not completely and use what is left on the brush to blend the pink into the white in the middle of the nail.  You can also keep picking up extra paint on your brush and repeating if needed. Once happy, cure for 30 seconds.

With ombre you can build up the colour with more coats, so it does not matter if it is very light to start, you need to concentrate on getting the blend right first.  Next do the exact same on the other nails using Gellux colours: It’s An Attitude, Vividly Violet and Purely White (all £11.95 +vat) again at the end.


Step Four

Repeat the exact same blending techniques on all nails to build up the colour depth and cure once happy.


Step Five

Using Gellux Wear It Well (£11.95 +vat), and a dotting tool, randomly dot a speckled design all over the nails.  You may want to have a mini egg in front of you to copy.  Once done, cure or 60 seconds.  [Warpaint note: Eat the mini egg.  Yum.]


Step Six

Finally, apply Gellux Super Shiny Topcoat (£11.95 +vat) and cure again.  Wipe nails with Prep + Wipe and apply Gellux Nail & Cuticle Oil (£4.35 +vat) to finish your Mini Egg inspired nails.

Salon System Gellux is available from wholesalers nationwide.


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