12 Days of Christmas 2020

The 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day Two

December 27th, 2020

December 27th, 2020

Day Two of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaways and today’s offering comes courtesy of advanced skincare technologies company, Opatra and is worth a whopping £599.

12 Days of Christmas 2020

What You Can Win

The Opatra Dermieye Plus is a unique anti-ageing device designed to combat dark circles, reduce puffiness, and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.   This handheld product combines a trio of technologies: LED light therapy, vibration massage and heat, all of which are known to help stimulate blood circulation in the eye area, generate cell productions and improve the appearance of skin in this gentle area.

12 Days of Christmas 2020

Featuring an innovative design, the Opatra Dermieye Plus combines the emission of two light therapy wavelengths.  Red light improves the firmness of the skin, while the warm sonic vibrations relax and invigorate tired eyes.  The blue light helps to target acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation.

12 Days of Christmas 2020

How To Win

Want to win this generous prize?  Enter here.  Good luck!



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