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November 25th, 2020

November 25th, 2020

We know the Lockdown drill by now – it’s either pink hair or grey roots whilst the salons are closed for Lockdown 2:0.  Although it’s only a couple of weeks still to go until salons re-open on 2nd December and clients are reunited with their beloved colourist, some may still have to wait to get an appointment.   With that in mind, we spoke to Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador, Tracy Hayes and The Hair Boss Founder Lisa Shepherd and asked them to share a few simple steps to keep colour salon fresh for longer.  If you want to opt to switch things up with a vibrant new hue Fudge Professional has you covered!

Lisa Shepherd, Founder The Hair Boss

Lisa, the most awarded and profiled UK colourist, recommends a four-step regime to keep coloured hair in tip top condition comprising pre-treatment, shampoo, conditioning treatment and post cleaning/styling.

Pre-treament helps to keep the scalp free of product build-up leaving it ready for a daily cleansing routine.  Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.  Lisa’s The Scalp Scrub (£7.99) is a weekly pre-treatment that will also remove any make up from the hairline before washing hair.  Containing tea tree oil and rosebay extract proven to help reduce dandruff and sebum as well as sugar crystals to gently exfoliate and unclog pores.

Routine cleaning helps to keep hair balanced and healthy.  Lisa recommends The Virgin Hair Shampoo (£7.99) which contains Micellar technology and a featherlight gel to remove oil and grease whch can weigh hair down.  “Virgin” (non-coloured) or slightly coloured hair will be cleaned without depositing lots of product and residue, leaving hair looking lightweight and healthy.  The Overworked Hair Shampoo (£7.99) is rich in avocado oil, soybean oil and sweet almond oil that help to replenish the moisture levels of hair, particularly if it is dry, damaged bleached or over-processed.  The cleaning agent is very gentle, and will not remove moisture.  By hydrating the ends of the hair the shampoo prevents breakage and keeps hair strong and conditioned.  The Balayage Shampoo (£7.99) contains a dual action formula with salicylic acid that cleanses the scalp and lightweight conditioning agents to hydrate the ends of the hair, keeping it soft and nourished.  Important as the hair at the root is “virgin” with more oil than the coloured or over-styled ends.

Tracy Hayes, Fudge Profesional Global Brand Ambassador

Tracy says For clients to keep blonde hair looking bright and fresh at home I would recommend to use a violet shampoo and conditioner to banish unwanted yellow and brassy tones.

Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner (£15) are the perfect duo and as with all Fudge Professional Shampoo and Conditioners, have the added benefit of the unique OPTI-PLEX technology which reverses the damage from chemicals, over-styling and environmental effects as well as conditions the hair.

For brunettes who want to neutralise unwanted red and orange tones while at home, they can simply opt for the Fudge Professional Cool Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner (£14) to give you cooler, deeper colour from the maximum strength blue micro-pigments.


Lisa also recommends conditioning treatments such as repair masks and overnight treatments.  These can be the emergency treatment overly dry processed hair or that which has had too much heat application need to bring them back to life.

The Body Building Foam Conditioner (£8.99) is a foam mousse conditioner that smooths and nourishes the hair without the weight of a cream formula, adding volume, body and texture while preventing breakage or damage during wet combing.  Suitable for all hair types (coloured or not) with added argan oil and shea butter for a glossy finish.  The Double Hair Mask (£19.99) is a two-phase mask and the ultimate home SOS hair treatment with a bond restorer protein mask to restore the cuticle and moisture hit mask which seals in the protein from phase 1, improving moisture levels whilst adding softness and shine.  The Overnight Repair Serum (£14.99) is an oil and moisture rich serum that replenishes hair and replaces essential vitamins giving a deeply moisturising treatment.  Containing argan, sunflower, chia seed, macademia and soya bean oils it can be used as an overnight treatment or on wet hair before styling.

Post Cleaning/Styling gives help a little extra TLC and helps achieve those #HairGoals. Lisa recommends: Scalp Tonic (£7.99) which rebalances the scalp’s ecosystem and reduces dandruff and sebum; Semi-Permanent Shine Spray (£12.99) to smooth cuticles and give an intense glossy shine, while protecting against humidity and pollutants or Anti-Static Shine Spray (£8.99) to neutralise and prevent static while adding shine.


If you want to try a new colour during lockdown then check out the Fudge Professional Paintbox Range (£9.25 each).  Providing a limitless professional colour palette, the collection features 10 core shades that can be intermixed to create the exact colours you desire – perfect for creating colour trends as well as recreating the hottest fashion and celebrity looks.  Designed to last between 3-30 washes depending on the condition of hair and the colour chosen, the semi-permanent formulations are free of both ammonia and peroxide.  Paintbox conditions the hair whilst colouring, with increased shine and lustre.  Its dual conditioning system cares and protects, with moisturising agents and keratin proteins to help repair hair from within.

Tracy says:  Quick hack, the shades can also be mixed with conditioner to create the perfect pastel shade.



Fudge Professional Products are available from  To find out more about Lisa Shepherd The Hair Boss visit


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