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Autumn Makeup Looks

October 14th, 2020

October 14th, 2020

Now the weather has definitely switched from summer to autumn it’s time to check out those autumnal makeup looks that will take us up to the festive season.  Summer coupled with lockdown have definitely led to a lot more “less is more” make-up free looks, but it’s time to get your makeup mojo back.

Instagram is confirming this with lots of berry lips, rusty shadows and graphic liner.  Eyes are very much the focus (obviously) along with gorgeously glowing skin.

Mali Thomas, Bobbi Brown global artist in residence, agrees.  Autumn 2020 is all about bold lip colours and statement eyes, she says.  We should be open to vibrant reds and orange lip colour, and eyes can be adorned with rich jewel tones or artistic liner.

Here’s our roundup of what’s hot right now.


Jewel-Tone Eyes 

jewel tone eyes


Autumn is the perfect time to break out richer tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. Keep everything else neutral to make your eyes really pop.


Tortoiseshell Eyes

tortoiseshell eyes


I’ve been seeing army greens, khaki, and brown eye shades that are really beautifully blended and shimmering lately, says makeup artist Kasey SpickardI think we’ll see that push further into fall since these shades complement a wide range of eye colours and skin tones.


Dusty Pastels 

dusty pastels eyes


To make pastels work for this season look for shades that have more of a grey base instead of a traditional white for more of a dusty, vintage vibe.   Apply it over a cream base for a full-on retro look, or just pat some on with your finger for a watercolour wash.


Sherbet Eyes 

sherbert eyes


“Less is more” definitely doesn’t work this season.  Use as many colours as you like and let your eyes do the talking.  Make the most of those eyeshadow palettes you have.



Subtle Liner 

subtle eyeliner


Sometimes all it takes is a small flick of eyeliner to pull your whole face together.  For a barely there effect, skip mascara but be generous with the highlighter.


Colourful Eyeliner 

colourful eyeliner


Wearing a mask gives the perfect opportunity to play with eye makeup.  A swipe of coloured eyeliner is quick, easy and impactful.


Fox Eye Liner 

fox eyeliner


The fox-eye trend started on TikTok as a way to get a lifted, more defined eye that would usually require a brow lift.  There are loads of tutorials on social media, but the basic idea is to use a soft brown liner to create a wing (don’t forget the inner corner), and use individual false lashes on the outer corners only for an elongated shape.  A light concealer under your eyes and the wings will make you look on point.



Dolphin Skin

dolphin skin


Dolphin skin—meaning skin so glowing it looks wet to the touch—was summer’s number one makeup trend and continued to be used at LFW last month (Victoria Beckham we’re looking at you).  Paired with bronzed eyes or berry lips, it translates perfectly to autumn. The key here is plenty of skin prep, and layering a clear balm over your powder highlighter.


Zoom Glow 

zoom glow skin


The no-makeup makeup is great for Zoom calls enabling you to look polished even with the poorest wifi connection.  Use a touch of neutral eyeshadow, poppy blush, and brushed-up brows.  The most important thing, according to Mali, is that your skin looks dewy and fresh with a lit-from-within glow.


Amped up blush

amped up blush


Keep your summer glow going by piling on the blush to achieve what Mali calls an effortless flushed glow.  Make sure to hit the bridge of your nose to get a really sun-kissed look.  This is also a great way to wake up your face, even without any other makeup on.



draping blush


Both Mali and Kasey agree that blush is back in a big way for autumn.  One way to wear it is draping, which is essentially using your blush to contour your face in a less-harsh way. Push your blush further by blending it up near your brow bone and into your temples, says Kasey, who likes to use a cream blush since it’s easiest to blend.



Bold Red 

bold red lip


As Mali said, bold red lips are in season.  A long-wear liquid will stay put under your mask, and a quick swipe will wake up your face for a video call, even if you have nothing else on.


Glossy Lips 

glossy lips


While our lips may be covered more than usual this year, gloss isn’t going anywhere.  The naughties favourite is back in a big way.  For this season, try something with a berry tint, and pair it with a darker liner for real ’90s vibes.


Deep Berry Lips 

deep berry lips


If red isn’t your thing but you’re after a statement lip, try a rich berry shade.  We all love a deep lipstick for fall, and this is a fresher take on the standard burgundies and dark browns we usually see, says Kasey.




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