Festival Vibes Nails Step by Step

September 1st, 2020

September 1st, 2020

It may be September today, but we are definitely in denial!  To keep thinking it’s summer we asked Salon System nail expert Rosanna Hatherell to create a festival vibes themed nail look.  Here’s what she designed.

She created this colourful design using Gellux but if you don’t have Gellux products to hand then you can substitute them for others.  If you are using non-gel polish, remember to use a good base coat and to let each coat set fully before moving on to the next step.

Step One

Start by prepping the nails by filing nails to a round shape.  Push back the cuticle using the Salon System Cuticle Handy Manicure Tool (£4.95 +vat) and remove the cuticle using the Gellux Erase Cuticle Remover (£4.55 +vat) and cuticle clippers.  Buff the nail plate and cleanse nails with Gellux Prep + Wipe (£7.10 +vat).  Apply Gellux Fast Bond (£5.85 +vat) followed by one coat of Gellux Easy Off Base Coat (£11.95 +vat) and cure for 60 seconds. Then, apply two coats of Gellux Soft Focus (£11.95 +vat) and cure in between each coat for 30 seconds.


Step Two

Choose ten different neon colours, two colours for every nail.  Take your first colour for each nail, Thumb – Gellux Vividly Violet, Index – Gellux Flamenco Dancer, Middle – Gellux Orange Fever, Ring – Gellux Candy Floss and Pinkie – Gellux Ghost Train (£11.95 +vat each).

From the free edge brush the polish up towards the cuticles stopping roughly halfway, leaving gaps in between.  Repeat with each different colour on all nails, cure for 30 seconds.


Step Three

Then, take the second colour for each nail.  On the thumb – Gellux Pucker Up , Index – Gellux Lucky Dip, Middle – Gellux Helter Skelter, Ring – Gellux Flaming Purple and Pinkie – Gellux Red Hot Crimson (£11.95 +vat each).  Repeat step two and fill in the gaps, and cure for 30 seconds.


Step Four

Using some holographic nail foil, lightly dab the foil randomly over the nails.  Be careful not to cover the colours too much.  Cure for 30 seconds to ensure foil sticks to the nail.


Step Five

Using a dotting tool and Gellux Purely White (£11.95 +vat), create three lots of small dots cascading up the nail to add an extra bit of fun.  Cure all nails for 30 seconds.


Step Six

To finish the look, apply a coat of Gellux Super Shiny Topcoat (£11.95 +vat), cure and then wipe over with Gellux Prep + Wipe.  Finally, finish by applying Gellux Nail & Cuticle Oil (£4.35 +vat).



Salon System Gellux is available from wholesalers nationwide.



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