Top Five Bharti Vyas

July 13th, 2020

July 13th, 2020

Our latest Top Five comes from Bharti Vyas, the eponymous brand founded in 1988 at her practice in Chiltern Street, London.  Her Ultimate Therapy range was launched in 1997 to support her unique treatments.

Bharti believes that beauty on the outside begins within and this core belief is at the very heart of her business.  Arguably one of the first to introduce a holistic beauty therapy treatment approach in western skincare, she remains a pioneer in our understanding of the pivotal role of inner health and wellbeing on our outer glow.

Sought after, respected and celebrated in the skincare industry, Bharti has collected a loyal client base over the years that include royalty, dignitaries and celebrities alike.  She has become an authority in the media, regularly contributing to print press and national broadcasts, making her a household name and raising the profile of holistic skincare treatment.  She has published a number of books and now, with her daughter Shailu, also trains holistic beauty practitioners.

Bharti kindly talked us through her top five products.


Bharti Vyas Special Oil (£35) –  I developed my own unique formula because in earlier years I suffered from acne prone skin, it left me with a few scars and some hyper pigmentation. When I developed the Bharti Vyas Special Oil, I wanted something that smelt good but also something that would help treat my skin especially as I got older, without making it more sensitive.  The argon and hemp oil ingredients have helped reduce the hyper pigmentation and scarring.  It keeps my skin hydrated and healthy.  I love the aroma of rosehip oil and the inclusion of saffron oil helps to boost skin health.  I apply this before using Face and Neck polisher in the morning and in the evening I apply after Bharti Vyas Advanced Serum.


Face and Neck Polisher (£25) – I developed my skin care range for salon use initially over 20 years and one product I have always kept as my ‘staple’ is my Face and Neck Polisher.  From day 1, I was very aware that when there are imbalances in the body it reflects on the skin, making it look dull, congested and often lifeless.  I wanted something that would give skin a healthy glow on a daily basis, without being harsh.  Face and Neck Polisher contains fine walnut shavings that act as a gentle polisher, to remove dead cells and stimulate circulation. In combination with essential oil ingredients, it works as a fabulous cleanser too.  After using it, I splash cold water on my face to act as a toner. It’s so refreshing and sets me up for the day


Advanced Serum (£85) – I, like a lot of women, want to keep my youthful looks without the surgery.  First signs of ageing are on the hands, neck, mouth and around the eyes.  The Advanced Serum contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin A (retinol), which works directly on small lines and wrinkles. I absolutely love it!  It makes my skin feel youthful as it plumps it up and help soften wrinkles leaving the skin feeling super hydrated.  I use it twice a day


Daily Defence Moisturiser (with SPF 20) from (£14.99) – I use this as part of my morning routine.  It is very important to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause a lot of skin  damage as well as hyper pigmentation and dryness.  I developed a cream that would protect the skin without clogging my pores.  It also contains hyaluronic acid, plant collagen, vitamin A as well as sweet orange oil.


Ultimate Body Salt Scrub (£25) – When I first started out in beauty, I co-owned a brand of Dead Sea products.  I realised then the amazing healing qualities of salt, and being a psoriasis sufferer I knew first -hand how much they helped.  Bharti Vyas Salt Scrub uses the salt from the Dead Sea in the scrub, which I have combined with stimulation and healing oils like sweet orange, sunflower and lemongrass.  As a result of a car accident many years ago and suffered a shattered ankle, I often have painful legs, so I use this two or three times a week.  It helps slough off dead and hardened skin and the salts help drain inflammation, eases tired legs, energises me and gives my skin a healthy glow.  I feel very light on my feet afterwards.  When I was menopausal, I used it before bed as I found it helped me to sleep better, when my legs were not aching.

All products are available from bharti-vyas.

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