Ten Questions with Emma Osborne

July 6th, 2020

July 6th, 2020

London-born MUA Emma Osborne has built an impressive career working with everyone from Chrissy Teigen and Rita Ora to Emma Watson and Nicole Scherzinger, becoming one of the most respected makeup artists in the business.  Starting as a child model, she trained at the London College of Fashion before going to to assist some of the top MUAs in the industry, including Glow Up‘s Val Garland, working on both ready-to-wear and couture shows as well as advertising campaigns and iconic editorials.  Lola’s Lashes, the UK’s number 1 magnetic lash brand, recently signed Emma as their first MUA ambassador.  We caught up with Emma to chat all things makeup.

What’s your background and what brought you into makeup?

I studied at LCF (London College of Fashion) I then took a job part time job at Makeup Forever which helped me build my kit and enabled me to meet other makeup artists who I pursued to try and assist them on shoots.  Assisting is paramount to the job and is the best way to move forward in the right circles.  After 5 years of training with various makeup artists from fashion shows to TV commercials and videos your loyalty perseverance and hard work slowly pay off….

Who were your early makeup or artistic influences?

The late 80s was a very experimental era with striking colours, bold style, it was all about having fun and losing your inhibitions! I loved it!  Madonna, Boy George, David Bowie played a huge role in my influences and creativity.

What made you want to turn your love of makeup into a career?

I love what I do.  I think you have to as it can be very demanding and exhausting!  Some days I can have three jobs all over London and others I can literally travel to three different countries over a few days!  It’s a very social job, you’re constantly meeting new people and every day is different so you’re never going to get bored!

You’ve recently become the ambassador for Lola’s Lashes, and your Flick & Stick tutorial has been huge on social media.  How did you get involved with the brand?

I saw the product and asked if I could try them for my clients, and fell in love with how easy to use they are!  They were super friendly, and we both liked each other’s work, so happened quite naturally!

Is there a make-up technique that you’ve ever struggled with?

I think in the early days symmetry was always something I found hard quite to achieve especially when there was no digital technology/retouching like there is today!

What’s your favourite make up hack?

It’s funny as make-up has come on such a long way now I don’t think there are any tricks left to tell!  When I started in the industry the ranges of products were quite limiting and therefore I’d have to do things like doubling up eyeshadows as lipstick!  Adding pigment eye shadow colour to clear nail polish to make a new fun tone… hairspray and soap to groom eyebrows!  Adding moisturiser to thick foundations which I’d then use on the body to make it glow!  But I think the industry has covered all angles now… but as an artist you always end up improvising!

What’s your first make up memory?

Watching my mother paint her face and seeing her come to life!  She was a very creative influence she loved art!!  She loved make up and I can remember sitting at her dressing table going through her drawers and experimenting with lots of different products, this was in the 80s so I can remember painting rainbow coloured eyeshadow and thinking how amazing it looked!!

What’s the first product you remember using as a teenager and has that affected your later product choices?

Metallic powdery eyeshadows!!!  I seem to push them to onside now unless my model is young.  I’m not a fan of them even today … perhaps it’s an 80s thing…

What’s the one product you can’t live without?

I think Lola’s Lashes Sapphire…. I love to work with a natural base and if I want I’ll add and cut or place another layer to the outer corners for extra effect.  They are quick and easy!  No mess or fuss just a simple eyeliner and voila they are on! Come rain or shine they will stay put.

What are your plans for the future – you’ve worked with some very high profile clients, is there a “holy grail” client you would like to work with?

Ooh i would have loved to have worked with Grace Jones she’s really is such a strong character and has an amazing striking face to paint!

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