Top Five – Dominic Paul

June 22nd, 2020

June 22nd, 2020

Our latest Top Five comes from Dominic Paul Cosmetics, the eponymous brand founded in 2019 by professional MUA Dominic Paul.

Dominic Paul

With over a decade in the celebrity make-up world, Thai-born Dominic is one to watch.  His work has graced the pages of i-D, Velvet and Vogue, and he’s got an exciting client list including Graham Norton and Dakota Blue Richards.

In his late-teens he trained at the acclaimed Shepperton Studios – Brushstrokes Academy where his exceptional talents as a makeup artist bought subsequent success over the years including teaching his skills in London beauty schools and working on projects for London Fashion Week, the Katy Early show and with Connor Warren Design.

Dominic’s passion and commitment allowed him to make a success of a dream and bring a new indie cosmetic range to market.  He talks us through his Top Five.


Contour Palette


Our contour palette came to exist because as a Professional Makeup Artist, I am well known for perfect, flawless complexions.  So it was inevitable that my first product was going to be a skin based product.  The reason why I chose a to make the contour palette is because of its versatility.  Myself and my team wanted to design a product that had many purposes.  So with that being said the Dominic Paul Cosmetics Contour Palette (£37) can be used as contouring powders, highlighting powders, bronzing powders & eyeshadows.  Providing you everything you need in one palette!


Custom Highlighters

Our custom highlighters are unique to Dominic Paul Cosmetics range because they have been designed as an add on to the contour palette.  With our Custom Highlighters (£13) you can design your own palette to your specification.  The reason we made highlighters as the second product was because highlighting goes hand in hand with contouring, so for me it was a no brainer.  I love the silky fine milled finish that each of our two highlighters provides. They really do sit wonderfully on the skin and like my brand slogan says, you really do ‘Glow From Within.’


Liquid Highlighters

The liquid highlighters were born because of the success of the custom highlighters.  I wanted to create another product that could also mimic sun skinned, glowing skin. But again, could be also used for other purposes.  The three Liquid Highlighters (£14) really are a beauty and makeup enthusiasts dream!  Not only do they look wonderful on the face but they look equally as good as an enhancement to the arms, decollate and legs and a small amount goes a long way!  So these highlighters really are a great investment.



 Lipstick was always a dream of mine to make and when the opportunity arose I could not resist.  So myself and my team went straight to the factory to start working on these fantastic velvety lipsticks that I always had in mind.  The Dominic Paul Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks (£12.95) are really a girl and guys best-friend!  Transfer resistant, but they last all day and don’t look crusty like most liquid lipsticks do when you wear them all day.  Just one dip into our formula and let the doe foot do the rest of the work when applying onto your luscious lips!


Secret Product

We have a very exciting NEW product coming to the range, but unfortunately we cannot disclose what that product is.  However rest assured that this product will impress and will work with all the existing products that we have already available.


At Warpaint we can’t wait to find out what the new launch will be!  We’ll make sure to share it with you all once we know.   Products are available from and paintopiapro.


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