Leopard Print Nail Art Step By Step

May 20th, 2020

May 20th, 2020

We asked Remy Morris to share one of her colourful step-by-steps with us to complement our Big Cat Challenge competition which closes this week.  See her Leopard Print Nail Art Step-by-Step below.

She used CND Shellac for this tutorial but if you don’t have gel polish you can use any polish you like, just be aware that you need to leave normal polish to dry completely in between steps.

Step 1- Nail Prep

Prep your nails by applying a dot of CND cuticle away gel.  Leave for a few minutes and gently push the cuticles back using a manicure tool; my favourite one on the market is the Ethel manicure multi tool by navy.  Scrub the nail pallet using CND scrub fresh to get rid of any unwanted oils. Give your nail a quick buff with a buffing file.  Then your ready to go.  Apply a thin layer of CND Shellac Base Coat and cure under a UV lamp for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Base Coat

Apply your base colour over the whole nail making sure you seal the free edge of the nail to avoid chipping.  I have used CND Shellac ‘Shells in the Sand.  Cure for 2 mins under a UV lamp and repeat for a second time for a even, opaque application.

STEP 3: Leopard Print Phase 1

Using a contrasting colour start mapping out your spots.  I like to do a larger leopard print design for a more on trend vibe.  You can personalise your leopard print to suit your style and nail shape; my top tip is to copy a real leopard print and then make it your own.

I like to use the brush in the bottle and randomly apply my spots in more of an oval shape. I have used CND Shellac ‘Jellied’ for his colour. Cure under a UV lamp for 2 minutes and repeat for a second time for a true bright colour.

STEP 4: Leopard Print Phase 2

Grab some tin foil from the kitchen and rip off a small square -this will be your pallet for the gel polish to go in.

Put a small amount of your black polish into the foil and dip your dotting tool into the polish. Following your design dot on the polish to the outer part of your leopard print. I have used CND Shellac ‘Black Pool’ for this part.

You don’t have to use black for the outer colour but keep it dark for a more powerful look.  Cure for 2 minutes under a UV light.

STEP 5: Add The Shine!

Apply your top coat over the top of it all for a shiny finish and cure for 2 mins.

If you fancy something different why not use a Matte top coat!

Wipe the top of your nail with some CND d’sperse or some Isopropyl alcohol to remove tacky film left on the nail, a small dot on each nail of CND Solar Oil Cuticle Oil   and voila your leopard print nails are finished!


Remy also makes some amazing custom false nails.  Check them out on her website.


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