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April 22nd, 2020

April 22nd, 2020

Sometimes it can be a bit over whelming working out which are the right skincare and foundations to use for your skin type given there is just so much choice.

We asked Bobbi Brown’s PRO artist Zara Findley and Senior PRO Artist Amy Conway to talk us through how to select the right options from the Bobbi Brown Remedies Collection for skin care and their extensive range of range of foundations.

Targeted Skincare Solutions

The Remedies Collection is designed specifically to treat different skin concerns and can be added into your morning moisturiser or used as a standalone treatment.  Zara told us about each one:

Concern:          Pores & Blemishes
Solution:          Skin Clarifier No 75 (£35)

The perfect remedy for anyone with oily skin of visibly large pores explains Zara.  This is a powerful, yet non-stripping treatment that helps balance oil levels and increase cell turnover to unclog and clarify pores.

Key Ingredients: Manuka Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Rosehip Oil and Saw Palmetto Oil.

Pro Tip: Use as a treatment in the evening and apply a small drop onto any blemishes.  You can also apply before your usual skincare routine to create a healthy skin environment.


Concern:          Redness & Irritation
Solution:          Skin Relief No 80 (£35)

The perfect remedy for sensitive or stressed skin. It instantly calms and soothes the skin with its Red Algae and Knotted Kelp extract -
both powerful skin calmers says Zara.  This is an intensive solution formulated with powerful skin calmers that helps quiet reactivity and keeps irritation at bay, whilst reducing and preventing the appearance of redness.

Key Ingredients: Red Algae and Knotted Kelp.

Pro Tip: This remedy is great after being in the sun or getting your eyebrows threaded or waxed as it soothes the skin instantly.


Concern:          Loss of Elasticity
Solution:          Skin Fortifier No 93 (£35)

The Skin Fortifier rebuilds and strengthens skin’s structure, making it more resilient and better equipped to fend of future damage.  Zara states that this remedy helps to repair and replenish the skin’s barrier with the help of Raspberry Leaf Wax which supplements skin’s Cholestrol and gives the skin structure.

Key Ingredients:  Muru Muru Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Raspberry Leaf Wax and Soybean Sterols.

Pro Tip:  Apply this on skin twice a day, morning and evening and follow with your usual skin routine.  You can also mix in with your moisturiser.


Concern:          Dry, Parched Skin
Solution:          Skin Moisture Solution No 86 (£35)

If you have really thirsty, dehyrated skin, this will be great for you. This remedy is formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate which is a moisture magnet and can hold 1000 times its weight in water says Zara.  This is a concentrated infusion of moisture, pulling it into the skin and supporting the skin’s natural moisturising factor, while minimising skin tautness.

Key Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate

Pro Tip: Layer with the Skin Brightener Remedy in the evening to achieve bright and plump skin, while restoring skin’s optimal moisture levels.


Concern:          Dull, Tired Skin
Solution:          Skin Reviver No 91 (£35)

This supercharged, antioxidant-rich ferment energises skin with essential nutrients, while supporting the skin’s natural function for overall health.  Zara states This is a green smoothie in a bottle!  Perfect for when your skin is feeling unhealthy, tired or damaged, helping to energise and protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Key Ingredients: Power Greens Ferment, Chlorella Extract and Energen Complex

Pro Tip:  You can wear this remedy day and night, layered with any of the other remedies.


Concern:          Luminosity & Radiance
Solution:          Skin Brightener No 42 (£35)

Healthy glow in a bottle! explains Zara, for anyone who feels their skin looks dull or uneven and needs a bit of brightening. It’s potent super blends help to boost cell turnover for brighter, more even skin.  This remedy gently exfoliates skin to reveal a brighter, clearer complexion, while targeting discolouration so skintone appears more even overtime.

Key Ingredients:  Plum, Algae and Molasses Extract

Pro Tip: Apply 2-3 drops on clean skin morning and night. For an additional treatment, layer this with the Moisture Solution Remedy No 86  to revive, brighten and plump your skin.


Bobbi Brown Foundation Finder

Whatever your skin type and texture, and whether you want full, long-lasting coverage or a light and radiant glow, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics have you covered.   Amy Conway talks us through the foundation range and shares her top tips on how to ace your base.

Skin Type:        Normal to Oily
Solution:          Skin Long-Wear Fluid Powder Foundation SPF20 (£28)

A great easy-wear foundation for oily skin types looking for a lightweight all-in-one foundation.  Infused with 15% powders, this foundation is self- setting and will transform from a weightless fluid to a delicate powder on the skin. Better yet, it is waterproof and will stay comfortable and fresh all day.   Available in 28 shades.

Pro Tip: This is perfect for every day around the house says Amy,
It’s all in one primer, foundation and powder makes it the best product to apply in seconds. I love to apply it like a moisturiser or buff in with a Foundation Brush.  Also use like a powder throughout the day and gently press over makeup to mattify and smooth skin.


Skin Type:        Normal to Oily
Solution:          Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15 (£32)

The unique gel based emollients of this foundation allow it to float on the skin, preventing the foundation sitting in fine lines and pores.  This formula instantly conceals redness and discolouration making it perfect for those wanting a fuller natural matte finish.  Available in 43 shades.

Pro Tip:  Amy states, The coverage of this foundation is so buildable and works best applied with the Full Coverage Face Brush. For sheer coverage, buff in circular motions, and for full coverage, stipple over the areas needed.


Skin Type:        Normal to Dry
Solution:          Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 (£48)

The most advanced formula technology for anyone looking for immediate and long-term radiant, healthy skin.  Infused with cordyceps and artemia to re-energise and recharge for younger looking skin and argireline peptide to help fight collagen damage and visible signs of ageing.  Available in 23 shades.

Pro Tip:  I love to use this with the Full Coverage Face Brush for the ultimate radiant application.  explains Amy, This skincare and foundation all in one makes it beautiful to mix with any of your favourite formulas seamlessly – I love to mix with Extra Face Oil to create a tinted moisturiser finish.


Skin Type:        All Skin Types
Solution:          Skin Foundation Stick (£32)

Also known as ‘smart’ Foundation, it contains silica, a natural mineral powder which controls oil and excess shine in normal to oily skin types, while adding moisture to dry skin types, making it the perfect universal foundation for all.  Available in 43 shades.

Pro Tip:  Amy states “This is our most versatile of foundations. Achieve a tinted moisturiser finish by buffing in with a brush from the stick, or our most full coverage foundation look by drawing directly onto the skin from the stick and stippling in with a brush.  Either way, apply all over and for the most ultimate skin like finish, use the warmth of your hands to gently press over and melt into the skin, giving you a more natural all day wear.


Skin Type:        Normal to Oily
Solution:          Skin Foundation SPF15 (£34.50)

Even oily skin types need hydration.  This foundation is perfect for oily, dehydrated skin with glycerine to attract moisture, and hyaluronic acid to lock it in.  A flawless foundation for anyone after the most natural, skin-like finish.  Available in 31 shades.

Pro Tip:  This is almost our next coverage up from a tinted moisturiser.  Its water based formula makes it look hydrating on all skin types.  Apply all over with the Foundation Brush for the skin-like finish. Top up with the Skin Foundation Stick throughout the day, the perfect pairing explains Amy.


You can use Bobbi Brown‘s  Ask an Artist and PRO Chat services online to find your ultimate foundation for your skin concerns and needs, as well as the virtual Foundation Finder where their unique shade match technology goes beyond the surface to reveal your ideal shade match in four easy steps.




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