10 Questions With Jennifer Jane

March 26th, 2020

March 26th, 2020


Jennifer Jane is an internationally renowned hair and makeup artist, working out of London, North Yorkshire and the Balearics, best known for her stunning bridal work.  Having started out as a model before becoming an MUA, she understands how products work in front of a camera.   Jennifer trained at The London College of Fashion and Rouge School of Makeup and has now set up her own Bridal Makeup Academy working as Academy Director and Course Leader.  We caught up with her to ask her some questions.


What’s your background and what brought you into makeup?

I first started out in the industry as a commercial model 18 years ago, so was always in the chair having my makeup done. I guess that’s where my interest started.  I found it fascinating how you could transform someone, making them look and feel amazing even with the smallest amount of makeup.  I always felt much more confident once the makeup artist had done her thing and got me thinking how lovely it would be to do this for other women.


Who were your early makeup or artistic influences?

There wasn’t the likes of social media when I was growing up and I was pretty much a tomboy, so arrived fairly late to the makeup game.  I didn’t actually wear much until I was about 16!  Watching my mother was fairly inspiring as it was quite clear she morphed into a more confident version of herself with a freshly applied face of makeup.


What made you want to turn your love of makeup into a career?

It was the moment that I realised I wanted to take that feeling I got as a model (having my make-up applied and feeling amazing afterwards) and switch places to make others feel great too.  I wanted to be the person that made the women in my chair feel confident and beautiful.

Is there a make-up technique that you’ve ever struggled with?

I think, even as artists, there are always some elements we can do better than other ones when it comes to makeup.  I must admit, I find it hard to do the perfect eyeliner flick on one of those days you just don’t have your mojo.

You’ve recently set up your own successful Bridal Makeup Academy – what was your inspiration (or the catalyst) for this?

I had first thought of starting the Academy three and a half years ago.  I saw a gap in the market for a course that not only taught the fundamentals of makeup but also taught how to set yourself up in business, so everything from finance to social media and marketing.  More often than not one will do a course, then be expected to take these skills out into the big wide world without really knowing how to do so.  You also don’t get taught how to communicate with your potential clients and how to retain them.  This is an absolutely vital part of your business and an area we cover in detail on the Bridal Makeup Artist Diploma.

How long did it take you to develop your Diploma course and bring it to market – were there any challenges along the way?

The business as a whole took three years to create, which I know sounds like a long time, but I was also working very busy wedding seasons in the Balearics (around 40-50 weddings between April-October) then shoots in the winter so it was hard to find the time to dedicate to it solely, so that was a big challenge!  It’s certainly not been plain sailing but I know what we have to offer comes from passion and a desire to help aspiring bridal makeup artists be the best they can be.


What’s your first make up memory?

This would have to be watching my mother apply her makeup every morning, and being fascinated and wondering what all the different lotions and potions were for.  She would always say she was “putting her face on” like it was part of a military operation that would help her to face her day!


What’s the first product you remember using as a teenager and has that affected your later product choices?

The first product I remember using was a lipstick by Rimmel called Heather Shimmer.  It was my mother’s and I used to sneak it out of her makeup drawer.  It was purply, frosted and did absolutely nothing for me.  I would also help myself to her Max Factor Mascara which I still actually purchase to this day. They are brilliant mascaras!


What’s the one product you can’t live without?

I think I would have to say mascara.  I’ve always thought I look a bit like an alien without eye makeup, so a sweep of the black stuff always makes me feel ready to face to the day.


What are your plans for the future – is there a “holy grail” client you would like to work with?

My immediate plans are to concentrate on the Academy and support our students with their new business venture.  I am still very much a working MUA myself so to be able to continue creating beautiful brides will always be high on my list of priorities.  In terms of “holy grail”, I would absolutely love to work alongside Bobbi Brown in whatever capacity that could be.  I’m a huge fan and really respect what she has achieved with a little bit of grit and hard work.


The Bridal Makeup Academy is based at The Wedding Gallery, No. 1 Marylebone London.  For information on the Bridal Makeup Artist Diploma and other courses click here.


Bridal photo credits:
Photographer – @kristoskabiotis
Model – callafrancesca
Hair and makeup  – @jenniferjane
Gowns – @susanneneville
Shot for @unveiledmagazine




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