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November 18th, 2019

November 18th, 2019

2019 is a big year for Murad – as well as being the 30th anniversary of the cult skincare brand launching in the UK,  it’s also dermatologist and brand founder Dr Murad’s 80th birthday.

While Dr Murad is known as a “dermatologist to the stars” he believes that beauty is not just skin deep.  It radiates from healthy nutrition, enjoyable exercise, healthy stress reduction and healthy attitudes.

We were lucky enough to be invited to an evening with the doctor himself at the ICA.  This was primarily to launch a new product – more on that later – but Dr Murad didn’t want to talk about products particularly, instead concentrating on the cultural stress we put ourselves under and ways to prevent or reduce the impact it can cause to our bodies.

He’s long been a proponent of the Water Principle – the importance of hydration for good skin health.  Not just drinking water but eating water-rich foods too to improve cellular health from within.  He calls this “internal skin care” as what you eat has a big impact on how your skin looks and feels.  He’s also an advocate of the importance of diet and exercise in overall health and the management of cultural stress in maintaining a healthy outlook and a passion for living.

He has been carrying out studies on the impact of cultural stress, including our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles, convenience food intake and digital dependencies.  He has found all of these things cause ageing to accelerate which impacts our skin and our bodies.  He says:

Over the last decade a new stress has come to our earth.  I call it cultural stress.  it’s the stress of modern living.  It’s the rules and regulations, it’s a digital dependency which is wreaking havoc on every cell in your body because of the stress that’s caused, is pervasive and goes unabated.

Dr Murad recommends taking up activities that allow you to reduce your stress levels – encouraging everyone to “make your mark on the canvas of life“.  He favours art therapy and we spent a happy half hour creating our own artworks – after donning Murad aprons and protective leg wear!

We all had a large square canvas, a selection of squeezy paint bottles, brushes, palettes and sparkles.  As a definite non-artist, it was far more enjoyable and relaxing than I’d ever anticipated.   The group produced a wide-range of artworks and we all definitely felt relaxed and less stressed as a result of focusing on something other than work or digital devices and vowed to ensure we followed up on this going forward.

You can watch Dr Murad’s conversation about combatting cultural stress with Holly and Phil on This Morning here.

The latest Murad product launch is Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel (£48).

This is a daily, bi-phase peel combining effective, not aggressive, resurfacing and intensive nourishiment for a vibrant glow.  Phase one, exfoliating to smooth and brighten, includes glycolic, malic and lactic acids (AHAs), salicylic acid (BHA) and tranexamic acid (TXA) a new, bio-engineered amino acid.  Phase two, nourishing to soothe and strengthen, includes holy basil and soothing lipids.

Available at murad, in salons and spas nationwide, House of FraserJohn Lewis and Debenhams.







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