Ellis Magic Mirror

Ellis Atlantis Magic Mirror Masterclass

September 2nd, 2019

September 2nd, 2019

As an avid fan of BBC’s Glow Up – as well as a fan of looking in mirrors and a Bristol resident –  we asked Warpaint Judge and Stage Host, Joanna Delilah, to head along to Bristol’s Glitch Salon to the Magic Mirror product launch for the new Black Star range with Ellis Atlantis.  It ticked all the boxes as a perfect event for her.

Ellis Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is a Bristol based company founded by creative entrepreneur Liesel Corp.  Aided by her close knit team who clearly share her passion and commitment to the brand, Liesel hosted the event to showcase her new range of mirrors.  Liesel has developed an innovative product range focusing on durability and practicality with a strong sense of style.  These almost-unbreakable, acrylic mirrors are designed to be lightweight, portable and festival friendly and have fold-out, full length options, as well as handbag size compacts.  The Black Star collection consists of four compact mirrors in two metallic colourways, one holographic shade and a sleek black design.

Ellis Magic MirrorEllis Magic Mirror Ellis Magic Mirror

On arrival at the event, guests were treated to cocktails and directed to fill out a questionnaire to determine which of the Black Star range was suited to their personality.  This was a fun ice breaker and I was pleased and impressed to receive a Viper mirror in my goody bag which was the black one and would have been my first choice.

Ellis Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Viper

Glitch Salon

Glitch is a super cool, Bristol salon which doubles as an arts and events space, and was the perfect backdrop for the evening, with salon staff on hand alongside the Magic Mirror team to ensure everyone was looked after.

Jo and Ellis

Ellis Atlantis

Once guests were seated, after an introduction and thanks from Liesel who paid tribute to her family, friends, supporters and her team, we were treated to a makeup masterclass from Ellis Atlantis.  Masterclass is a term used frequently nowadays and it would be easy to dismiss Ellis as an Instagram Influencer, known mainly for his talent of transforming his own face.  However, this young man knows his trade; he regularly works with models thanks to his mentorship from makeup royalty Val Garland since winning BBC’s Glow Up and is clearly as experienced working on others as he is on himself.  I was impressed by his confidence and the ease with which he took questions from the audience whilst demonstrating on stage.

Ellis Magic Mirror Ellis Magic Mirror

Rather than completing a pre-planned look, Ellis took a more interactive approach and let the audience decide on the look they wanted to see.  Unsurprisingly, the majority of requests were for the cut crease eyeshadow for which he is known by his following.  He opted for a bright cut crease festival look, but to give the crowd added value he went for a soft smoky eye on the other side.  He explained the process throughout the demo and was witty engaging, asking the audience to help him decide on colours and discussing favourite products along the way.  Some of his kit staples were Weleda Skin Food (from £7.95) and nourishing serums and oils – he is a big believer of the importance of good skin prep.  Pigments from Peaches and Cream (from £6.95), PLouise eyeshadow base (£10), NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (£33.50) and Kryolan Dermacolor Mini Palette (£20.50) for concealer.  Unlike the strong looks on his Instagram feed, he prefers a more natural skin finish, using concealer where needed for coverage and keeping the base light.

Ellis Magic Mirror

Ellis is knowledgeable and professional, effortlessly transforming the model’s look while taking suggestions from the audience and holding court.  The evening was rounded off by the obligatory selfie session and Ellis was happy to oblige, graciously pouting and posing his way through pics with every single guest.  Of course I was first in the queue!



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