Beauty for all

Beauty for All

September 2nd, 2019

September 2nd, 2019

Inclusion in the beauty industry aims to go beyond skin tone, hair type, gender identity and age.  While these continue to be the bedrock of the inclusive beauty movement, brands are also catering to users whose disabilities make applying makeup a daily struggle.  The Holy Grail of beauty for all is coming a step closer.

Beauty for all

US spectacles website,, offers The Kellyn Makeup Reader ($14.95) as a way to use reading magnification and while applying makeup at the same time.  Not just for clients, this simple product is a lifesaver for makeup artists applying their own make too.

How it Works:

The wearer can put on their specs and switch the swivelling lens when they need to apply makeup to their other eye.  It’s is fully magnified in powers up to +3.00 and is available with spring hinges, fully magnifying lenses and tortoise colours.

Usage is simple – the further you stand from the mirror, the lower the power should be from the user’s regular reading magnification, and conversely, the closer one you stand, the higher the power.

The Vamp Stamp

Another product blessed with simplicity is The Vamp Stamp (from $19) from US makeup artist – and co-founder of the iconic Beautyblender – Veronica Lorenz.  This offers eyeliner stamps and ink in order to create a winged, cat eye makeup look.  You can choose the wing stamp size—Kitten, Medium and Large—as well as Vink Color—Vortex Black, Valour Gold Bronze and Vaudeville Rose Metallic.

Beauty for allBeauty for all

Usage is a breeze – just dip the stamp into the ink and apply to the corner of the eye for a guided placement.   The wing can then be connected with the liner across the lid.

Beauty for all

Grace Beauty

However, the biggest disrupter earlier this year was the debut of UK-based Grace Beauty, a disability-friendly start-up, which caused tidal waves with its new range created to improve accessibility to all.

Grace’s range aims to simplify the process of application for anyone struggling with conventional products.  “Anyone, regardless of ability, should be able to use any beauty product they want to,” reads the bold statement on their website.  “To help this cause, we’re making accessories for people with disabilities.”

Beauty for all

First up are three products focusing exclusively on mascara wand extensions, with different grips to make application easier for those with disabilities.

The Ring Grip was created as a general aid for anyone.  When attached, you don’t have to hold as hard, worry about losing your grip or picking up the mascara from the floor.  The rubber band will tightly connect to most mascaras on the market while the ring is large enough for even the biggest fingers.

Beauty for all

The Square Grip attaches to both sides of the mascara to make it easy to open, hold and control in a discrete package.  Simple, minimal and with a rubbery feeling that will ensure a better grip.

Beauty for all

The Safe Grip is easy to hold, gives a wide angled grip and ensures better control for all kinds of users.  Material is rubbery, flexible but hard which will ensure a grip even though the fingers can’t wrap fully around the grip.

Each of the three extensions was due for launch on Grace’s website on June 3.  Let’s hope we see them soon.



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By Emma Rutherford

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