Inclusive Beauty

August 5th, 2019

August 5th, 2019

We love it when trends turn into a keeper and one that has certainly disrupted the industry in the last few years is inclusive beauty.  More and more brands are embracing the notion and adopting a gender-neutral stance.

The makeup industry, more than most, has known that men have been partial to a little lipstick, powder and paint.  From ancient Egypt via Elizabethan Britain, possession of X or Y chromosomes hasn’t dictated what you can use to adorn your face.

Inclusive beauty

Once upon a time, makeup brands mostly catered for white, straight, female, under-35-year olds, yet stalwarts of the industry such as M.A.C have never directed their audience to adopt a specific aesthetic, while Fenty chucked out the rule book when they launched.  Likewise Illamasqua has been in the vanguard, championing makeup being worn by everyone.  2019 is the year that the others cause up.


Activists from the off, Illamasqua has promoted the right to self-express and change attitudes.   Since 2007 they have supported the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which works to stamp out intolerance and discrimination.  Makeup courses designed to education transitioning customers and gender inclusive posts reach out to all customers, while the Nude Collection has shades to suit every he, she and ze.

Inclusive beauty

Jecca Blac

Natural, PETA- and vegan-certified, Jecca Blac’s debut product, the Correct & Conceal Palette £20, was designed by founder, Jessica Blackley, to cover typical blemishes as well as stubborn beard shadows that transgender and non-binary people often struggle with.  The company also donates 5% of its profits to Stonewall, the UK LGBT charity.

Inclusive beauty


Born with the view to disrupt, 3INA proudly announces that it’s cruelty-free and recyclable.  It’s transitioning to using sustainable packaging and working towards being 100% vegan.  Fresh, fearless and democratic, it’s price-sensitive ethos makes it accessible all ages as well as genders.  Check out their 3 in 1 Foundation available in 24 shades (£19.95)

Inclusive beauty


Creating makeup for him, her and them, Fluide is inclusive in every way from the range of skintones it caters for to the models that star in its campaigns.  Its cruelty-free products are designed for all genders and skin tones and formulated without parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde.  With beaut gender non-conforming actress, Freckle, as the face of the brand, they also give part of the proceeds of each sale to LGBTQ+ organisations of all sizes.  Liquid lipstick in Rosemont is a brand highlight ($16).

Inclusive beauty

Non Gender Specific

Dubbed the brand for all humans, NGS aims to simplify the world of skincare with streamlined products that unrestricted by gender.  Tested by drag queens, its multi-functional formulas mean less waste.  Pick of the bunch is Everything Serum ($65).

Inclusive beauty

Cult Of Treehouse

Specifically created to be androgynous and non-gender specific, this tree-based Cali brand’s ethos is Less is More.  With just three products, each is multifunctional and does away with bathroom clutter.  The Campfire Glow ($110) acts as both a day and night serum and eye orbital concentrate, while residual can be run through hair ends and used as an intensive treatment on sore patches.

Inclusive beauty


Designed for all skin types and combining Korean-beauty technology and clean ingredients, so sure are the Panacea founders that you’ll love their three products, they’ll return your money if you don’t.  Pocket-friendly Daily Facial Cleanser ($24) is a sulfate-free foamer with added Hyaluronic Acid to ensure skin stays hydrated and prepped for moisturiser.

Inclusive beauty



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