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June 19th, 2019

June 19th, 2019

Olivia Buckland – star of 2016’s Love Island – is working with Cocoa Brown Tan for their summer campaign.  We caught up with her to ask her about her makeup secrets.

 What’s important to you when choosing a tanning product?

It can’t have that horrible biscuit smell, it has to give a deep tan and it must not leave any streaks.

What’s the first product you remember using as a teenager and has that affected your later product choices?

I didn’t used to tan much as a teenager but I would sometimes use an instant tan which would always end up really streaky after a few hours of wearing it. Being in the Love Island villa meant I got used to having a tan so when I came out and was approached by Cocoa Brown I tried it out and was instantly sold as my natural tan literally seemed to disappear within days.

What brought you to Cocoa Brown and what do you love most about the products?

I absolutely love all of their products, they smell amazing, give the most unreal deep tan and their Founder Marissa Carter is just the ultimate girl boss.  One of my favourite things about them too is that they literally have every tanning product that you could need. So I use their 1 HOUR MOUSSE TAN first, I then apply either their Golden or Rose Gold Goddess Oil on top when I go out to get a really nice shimmer and then use their Fresh Start Tan Eraser to strip the tan off and start all over again.

What’s your first make up memory? 

I actually remember being really young and always watching my mum doing her makeup. Sometimes she’d give me one of her brushes or pop a tiny bit of lipstick on me so I felt like I was joining in.

What can a makeup artist do to put you most at ease?

Contouring!  It makes me feel so much better about my face shape.

What’s your go-to long-lasting makeup?  What changes do you make to your makeup routine on your days off?

When I’m off I actually don’t tend to wear any makeup. I think it’s really good to let your skin rest and I like to have facials with Dr Medispa or use a Skin Republic face sheet mask. In terms of long lasting makeup, W7 Cosmetics have an amazing setting spray which literally holds your foundation on four hours and I love the Carter Beauty Cosmetics HD Foundation.  If ever I’m going to an event they will always be my go to skin products.

You’ve had a whirlwind couple of years which doubtlessly means a busy calendar.  What’s your skincare regime to keep you looking your best?

As I’ve got older I’ve realised how important it is to look after your skin so I make sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise every night and as above visit Dr Medispa regularly. I’ve also grown to understood the damage that sun can cause which is why I love working with Cocoa Brown as I think it’s so important that young girls know the safe way to look tanned.

You travel constantly – what differences have you found in the makeup you wear away as opposed to at home in the UK?

When I’m away I actually don’t tend to wear much makeup at all. I will have my lashes done with Eyelash Emporium before I go and then will sometimes add a lip tint or thin layer of foundation.  When I’m in the UK the nature of my job often means I have quite heavy makeup, so I have some amazing makeup artists who will try out loads of different looks for me and I also like to play around at home myself with eyeshadows and new products too.

What’s the one product you can’t live without?

Ohhhh that’s a tricky one! Obviously Cocoa Brown but I also don’t go anywhere without my Batiste Dry Shampoo to make sure my hair looks really fresh.

What’s your favourite makeup memory from working on Love Island?

I couldn’t give one specifically but it was always so much fun getting ready each night in the dressing room with the other girls. It would give us a proper chance to catch up without the boys being there and we would literally spend hours getting our glam on.


Olivia Buckland is the face of Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter, available at Primark, Superdrug and

Photo credit: Ruth Rose





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