Comp Opening N19

Calling All Contestants

June 13th, 2019

June 13th, 2019

Calling all makeup students and pros.  The Warpaint North Championships 2019 are officially open for entries.  Being held at Professional Beauty North on Monday 14th October 2019 at our new venue of Manchester’s EventCity, registration opens today.  Take part in the North’s most prestigious makeup championships by registering here.  Don’t forget to enter your model too.

Winners in each category receive a generous goodie bag of products, while our Rising Star and Pro Artist winners take home a handsome trophy too.

Real Beauty

Comp opening N19

For our Real Beauty category, this year’s theme is International Woman and contestants are tasked with creating a look for real women of any heritage, designing an age-appropriate classic design that accentuates your model’s style and bringing out her natural features, as well as your application and technique.  Remember that you need to complete two looks with four key products in the allotted time.  You’ll find the pro packs here and student packs here.


Comp opening N19

Runways entrants have one of the fashion industry’s most iconic sons as their theme.  Karl Lagerfeld’s influence stretched over four decades, helming Chanel since 1983, his own label and his collaborations with Silvia Fendi.  Celebrated for his renaissance-like intelligence, Lagerfeld’s aesthetic was imbued with cultural and historical reference points.  The pro pack is here and the student one here.

Film and TV

Comp opening N19

Film and TV contestants have the theme of Revolutions and are required to design and make-up a character from a revolutionary period – this can be historical or cultural, from any part of the world – and with the appropriate costume.  Create your character and their backstory, and be ready to present your work to our judges.  Here are your competition packs – pro and student.


Comp opening N19

Bodypainters have the theme of Social Activism.  Whether it’s the #MeToo movement has resonated with you or it’s the historical struggles of the Suffragettes, bring your creation to life and take your design to another level.  Click here for the competition packs – pro and student.

College Cup

Comp opening N19

As if that’s not all, all college entrants for a chance to win the College Cup.  Points are allotted to the winner of each category, and the college with the highest amount of points at the end of the day wins.  Sponsored by VTCT, the winning college takes home an impressive cup along with a cheque for £1000 for their establishment

Entries in all categories cost £10 for students and £25 for professionals and the deadline is 10am on Thursday 3rd October.  Read more information on how to apply here.



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