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The Comeback Queen

April 30th, 2019

April 30th, 2019

With her comeback to music, her brand-new single Daddy released earlier this month, and her collaboration with W7 Cosmetics, Tulisa is a busy woman.   We caught up with her on her return from the  Coachella festival, where she was hosted by W7.


What’s your first make up memory?

It’s definitely my aunt – she had a very strong look, heavy eyes and lipliner; that really vampy 90s look.  When I was eleven I begged her to make me up and so she did.  I remember looking in the mirror and thinking “wow!”  I absolutely loved it and wanted to look like that every day.  I’m still recreating that look now!


Bursting onto the UK music scene as a teenager, what’s the first product you remember using and did that affect your later product choices?

I’ve always looked for products that work and are good value for money – I’m not going to spend £500 on a highlighter when I know I can find something just as good for a more realistic price.  When I started in music I was using the Boots No17 make up range.  They had concealer sticks that were ideal for me.  I used them for about seven years, until my makeup artist introduced me to Shu Uemura concealer pencils.  I was obsessed with them as they really worked.  I couldn’t believe it when they were discontinued.  However W7 do a concealer pencil – I was so excited when I discovered them!


What’s the one piece of makeup that makes you feel performance ready?

Powder powder powder!  This is so important for me when performing;  I get really hot and my face gets shiny as each performance is so physically demanding.  I have powder at the side of the stage with a bottle of water so I can have a quick drink and touch up my powder between songs.

When I’m not on stage, my concealer stick and lashes are my everyday weapons.


What’s your go-to long-lasting makeup for performances?  What changes do you make to your makeup routine on your days off?

I’m not precious about brands particularly; I like products that work and are reasonably priced.  I had heard of W7 and used the brand before I started working with them.  I now just use W7 cosmetics and am loving the whole range.  The only non-W7 product I use is Rimmel Black Eyeliner as this is great when I’m on stage – you can melt it so that it’s easy to apply and will stay in place for 24 hours.

When I’m not performing I do my own make up,  but I still have a very similar style, still a very smoky look.  I just change the eyeshadow colours up a little – from brown to pink to purple.

When I’m performing I always try to have some non-makeup days, other than using a concealer pencil.  It’s important for me to allow my skin to breathe and prevent breakouts.


Promoting your new single after a few years away will doubtlessly mean a busy calendar.  What’s your skincare regime to keep you looking your best?

I have a regular treatment programme to keep my skin plumped and looking fresh.  I have a collagen wave treatment every two months, as well as treatments to help tighten my facial muscles and give a lifted, contoured look – it’s like taking your face to the gym.  I also have facials to keep my skin hydrated, and use Teoxane peels.

I always make sure I use plenty of eye cream, particularly at night, as this can be first place you can see signs of ageing.  I also use a gradual everyday acid peel which I mix with my moisturiser to assist with regular exfoliation.

I am addicted to wheatgrass spray, which I get from the US.  I buy it online or stock up when I’m over there.  It keeps my face really hydrated and I use it during the day and last thing at night.  I originally got it as it was recommended to help with scarring, but I realised it was such a great moisturiser that I use it all the time now rather than a lotion or cream.


You spend a lot of time in LA – what differences have you found in the makeup you wear in the US as opposed to at home in London?

I take my own products with me when I go over there, so I use the same products all the time.  However I do make sure I stock up on the wheatgrass spray while I’m there!



What’s the one product you can’t live without?

My W7 Touch n Go concealer pencil – it genuinely is!



Credit: Tulisa collaborates with W7 Cosmetics for Spring/Summer 2019,



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