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January 31st, 2019

January 31st, 2019

Here at Warpaint Towers, we were very excited to learn that the King and Queen of Bridal, Kevin Bennett and Megan Garmers, were heading to the UK in March bringing their Bridal Beauty Masterclass to London and Birmingham.  Megan takes up the story.

Bridal Beauty Masterclass

The New Year is always full of resolutions – both personal and professional.  It marks another trip around the sun for us all and, specifically for Kevin James Bennett and myself, it marks the year we will be bringing our highly-acclaimed Bridal Beauty Masterclass to the UK on March 16-19th .

Kevin Bennett

Hair and makeup artists, especially those who freelance, often find themselves wanting more work to help pay the bills while doing what they love and bridal is the perfect way to do this.  There is a ton – $77 Billion worldwide and £13b per annum in the UK to be exact – of money in the wedding industry, however it isn’t always easy.  You need to be able to be your brand, be your business, and be in it for the long haul because while weddings are a source of recession-proof income, it is not a quick and easy answer to your financial needs or to your professional New Year’s resolutions.

Kevin Bennett

Building a Bridal Career

For those who are ready to take a serious step towards a career as a bridal artist, this class is for you.  There are tons of classes and education but you want to make sure you are investing in education that is taught by qualified instructors.  Kevin James Bennett is an Emmy-Award-winning artist with over three decades of experience and a truth-teller in the beauty industry.  I am the founder and director of MG Hair and Makeup, the oldest (almost two decades) and largest, award-winning US-based hair and makeup agency specializing in bridal with close to three decades of experience.  We speak at industry trade shows such as IMATS, The Makeup Show, International Beauty Show, and many more.  Moreover we sit on the Make-Up Designory School Professional Advisory Committee to review their curriculum ensuring that it is relevant for artists to be working make-up artists in the industry.

Kevin Bennett    Kevin Bennett

Two Cities – two options

We will have two different opportunities for artists: a one-day lecture and demo condensed class in London on March 16th and a two-day lecture and hands-on workshop in Birmingham on March 18th-19th.  There will be an amazing gift bag full of goodies (worth over £600) from Love Makeup for those who attend the two-day class as well – which is almost the price of the class!

Kevin Bennett  Kevin Bennett

The lecture will focus on the details of what it means to take your business to the next level.  Whether you are just starting out or improving your business to handle more clients and operate more smoothly, the lecture is for you.  We will be discussing everything from determining your target bride, your brand and its niche to social media, reviews and how to price your services and packages.

Kevin Bennett    Kevin Bennett

How To Book

The hands-on day in Birmingham will include a demo by Kevin and then your hands-on time to replicate what he showed.  Whether you are a new artist or experienced, you will come away with mind-blowing pieces of information and technique to immediately start practicing and integrating into your regular routine.

To register for either class and learn more click here

We will also have opportunities for hairstylists and makeup artists interested in working London Bridal Fashion Week on March 23rd-26th available as well.  To apply for LBFW, click here.  We are looking forward to our trip across the Pond to meet you all.



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