Glitter and Glam

January 14th, 2019

January 14th, 2019

If you still haven’t had your fill of glitter over the Christmas period, you can keep that sparkle glowing with Glitter & Glam by Melanie Mills.  Lifting the lid on her time helming Dancing with the Stars, the book is a celebration of all things fabulous and is packed with makeup images featuring stars like Ariana Grande, Brandy and Willa Ford.

glitter and glam Melanie Mills  

Ariana as disco Melanie Mills

Ariana as Cotton Candy Disco

Full of step-by-step instructions Melanie offers advice on makeup for any skin tone, and shows you how to master colour combinations, taking you through a rainbow of shades to inspire you to break out of your everyday colour palette.  Featuring the whole spectrum from very wearable everyday makeup to speciality and fantasy looks, it’s a great reference tool for makeup artists of all levels.

Skin Melanie Mills


body makeup Melanie Mills


Moulin Melanie Mills

Moulin Rouge

Laid out in easy sections from The Basics to The Looks, Mills begins with skincare, via bases, highlight, contour, eyes, lips and body, to glitter itself.  The majority of the book is given over to the creation of the Looks with each featuring an image of the finished look, a Tool Kit of what you need to create it, then details steps on how to make it happen.  Interestingly, rather than name the brands and shade names that she uses, Melanie allows you to use what you’ve already got – a brilliant tip for students and newbie artists.  For example, she’ll note that you need a burnt rose cream blush, instead of encouraging you to shell out for more products.

body makeup Melanie Mills


Roller Girl Melanie Mills

Roller Girl

The Looks are broken down into four sections beginning with 10 tutorials on the Colour Wheel covering white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, brown and black.  Next come 12 Icons, Fantasy and Pin-up tutorials – we love Liz Taylor – followed by 11 Glam tutorials with everything from The Rock Star and Vogue to Cotton Candy Disco and Roller Girl.  Finally, the book ends with 16 Faces of the World looks – check out The Lioness and Cover Girl.

The Lioness Melanie Mills

The Lioness

Rock Star melanie Mills

Rock Star


Cover Girl Melanie Mills

Cover Girl

Priced at £17.12 from Melanie’s own website, you can ever order a signed copy if you send a request to



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