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January 14th, 2019

January 14th, 2019

On Your Marks

Start this new year with a competitive edge and get your entries in for our Warpaint London Championships 2019.  Registration is open and we can’t wait to welcome competitors to the floor at Professional Beauty London on Monday 25th February.

There are levels for both pros and students in our four categories and entries cost £25 for pros and £10 for students.  Registration closes at 10am on Thursday 14th February, so decide on your category, pick your model and get practicing.  Click here for full details and here to register – don’t forget to register your model too.

Student levels are sponsored by VTCT.  The categories and themes are as follows:

bodypaint champs

Bodypaint – Theme: Inspired by Walt Disney

TIME ALLOWED – 5 hours for Pros and 4 hours for students

For the Pro Category, the entire body must be fully painted, no items tied of strapped to the body, and have no shoes or boots higher than below the knee.  Prosthetics may be used, but must cover no more than 15% of the overall design.  Students paint the upper body only and entrants may costume the head and lower body to match their design.

It’s 90 years since a certain animator created a certain rodent and the rest, as they say, is history.  Look for inspiration to the enormously recognisable characters which have come to life at 500 South Buena Vista Street in Burbank, California and take your designs to another level.  Judged once again by the UK’s leading bodypainters, Jennie Roberts, Catriona Finlayson and Emma Cammack, we’re looking for exceptional work, either brush and sponge or airbrush, combined with costume, headpiece and innovative use of props.  Present your inspiration board.

Judges are looking for interpretation of theme, application, uses of adornment to enhance work and technique, as well as marking the design for the face and consideration for fellow competitors.  Disciplines allowed: airbrush, brush and sponge combined (you may use all or any these).  Stencils are permitted but must not be used for more than 25% of the overall design.  Nude painting is prohibited, and all models must wear suitable protective underwear and professional standard nipple covers.

F and T champs

Film and TV – Theme: Magical Folk – the world of a certain boy wizard.

TIME ALLOWED – 2 hours

Our Film and TV category takes influence from the fertile imagination of J K Rowling.  Make sure your character will satisfy the compulsory elements listed below.  Your inspiration board should be well researched and will be presented to the judges as part of process.  Contestants are required to design and make-up a magical character from the books and movies of J K Rowling.  A suitable costume must be sourced.

RB champs

Real Beauty – Theme: Prom Queen – 1 model, 2 looks, 4 key products

TIME ALLOWED – 2 hours with a break after 90 minutes for photography

Section 1 – 90 minutes for daytime look

Section 2 – 30 minutes for evening look

Remember that the only prep you may do prior to the competition starting is nails.  You must do your model’s hair and make-up from beginning to end in the time allotted.

This category is about creating a look for real women, not a professional model, and is judged on your ability to bring out the subject’s natural features, as well as application and technique.  Style her to perfection from top to toe.  Make sure you bring your Mood Board to show the inspiration for your work.

You will be taking creating a look for a prom, designing an age-appropriate classic design that accentuates your model’s style.  Showcase your transformation techniques and create two looks in the allotted time.  Your first look is for daytime and you have 90 minutes for this, after which your model will be photographed, and you will then transform the make-up to an evening version.

For the evening transformation, you are permitted to selected only 4 items to work with, apart from your brushes – 1 item hair (e.g. 1 pin, 1 grip, 1 decorative accessory, etc.) and 3 make-up items (e.g. lipstick, eyeliner, blush, mascara, shadow, etc.).  Please note that an eyeshadow colour is classed as one item, regardless of whether it is in a palette, quad, duo or single.

Any age of model is permitted over the age of 16 in Real Beauty.  Create a flawless, age-appropriate look, selecting products that work for her skin tone, eye and face shape.  Application is key to produce a flawless finish.

You’ll be judged on your ability to bring out the potential of your subject, as well as your skills in application and technique.  Your mood board should include a head and shoulders shot of your model as she normally looks.  Before and after shots will be compared to gauge the full effect of the final look.


Runway – Theme: Ossie Clark

TIME ALLOWED – 2 hours

King of Fashion in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, Ossie Clark’s legendary partnership with textile designer Celia Birtwell produced iconic fashion for the biggest names of the time.  From Twiggy to Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull to The Beatles, everyone who was anyone in Britain and beyond wore his clothing.  Do your research well – use books and videos, as well as the internet, and remember that your finished look needs to work at a distance as well as close up.

Your accompanying Mood Board will storyboard your inspiration and vision.  You’ll be talking through this with the judges to walk them through your creation.  Both male and female models are permitted.  Style your model to complete your look, with carefully sourced clothing and great looking hair to reflect your creation.

Not participating? You can attend PB London free of charge and see all the participants’ work in the flesh. Use this link to register as a visitor




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