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August 21st, 2018

August 21st, 2018

I have been back from Budapest for a few weeks now and have spent most of my time back at PAM, where we are restocking and regrouping.  Now that Rachel Lennon is on board, there is a whole new energy in the shop.  Rachel has been working in the industry for at least seven years now and is a veteran of both film (Jurassic World) and TV (A Young Doctor’s Notebook, The Royals).  She brings a younger artist’s perspective to the stock we are getting in, and it’s Rachel’s design that we are using for our new on set bag, one of the new products that I can hand on heart sell, because I love it.

Rachel and I have been tackling the thorny issue of the Telesis silicone adhesives which we all use and love, but why are there so many of them and what do they all do?  This is a question that has long intrigued us at PAM when we are ordering, so Rachel and I have been working hard to condense this information.  Here goes.


Telesis 5 – is back and available at PAM.

The most popular and well established in the industry, much loved.  Quick to work, this contact glue (obvious I know – but you have to gently push the two surfaces together to ‘contact’ them) 5 is easily thinned with Telesis 5 thinner.

In addition, there is Telesis 8, which was sort of made for us Brits!  Seems that we wanted a glue that was slower to go off, but once gone off was stronger, so that is the basic premise for Telesis 8.  8 can be used with a Telesis 8 thinner, (top tip – prime the skin with this first, this speeds up the sticking time and makes for a strong bond).  For even more choice on adhesives you can buy Telesis 8 S – Slow, which is slower to go off and thus works well in hot and humid conditions, and Telesis 8 F — Fast, similar in speed as the 5 but stronger.

Next blog we will go through the different options for spirit gums, which ones work and under what conditions they’re at their best.

My Brush Buddy Closed

We are so delighted to be now stocking the amazing MYKITCO bags and brushes.  I couldn’t wait to get MYKITCO Brush Buddy and have been using it on set all week.  Sometimes you just have to stand back and admire the simplicity of how other companies have designed products, and I take my hat off to MYKITCO, and look forward to having more of their brilliantly simple designs at PAM.

The choice of bags at PAM now is enormous.  MYKITCO, plus TML (Vivienne is redesigning her onset classic to improve on it, so be patient all the make up artists out there on the waiting list, it can only get better).  She tells us it’s coming soon.  Rachel has taken the new PAM bag – ROSE – and road tested it with many a crowd room.  She adapted and refined it after they had reported back and came up with an absolute gem of a design.

PAM bag Rose

*The carrying straps are not on either end, but on the inner side – why?  So that the bag doesn’t sag in the middle when it’s on your shoulder and you are doing last minute checks.  Further the straps are now reinforced.

* The top clear plastic double zips and folds completely back, allowing easy access to the middle section of the bag, which has end sections for make up brushes and combs and brushes.  Two further interior pockets to divide palettes and bottle.

*one back pocket for your sides and call sheet.

* two little zip pockets for mints, toupee tape, etc.

* one deep pocket for long products.

* one further shallow but wide pocket for whatever you like.

I love it because it’s as near as perfect onset bag that I have seen in my many years on set.

We have some great Tuesday Tips coming up soon with guest make-up artists contributing, and having watched a couple of them being filmed, I for one am still learning.





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