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August 17th, 2018

August 17th, 2018

Hot off this week’s news – In case you were concerned that Summer had forsaken us for another year and you’d have to resign yourself to glow-less skin once more, Barry M are here to reassure you with their new Sparkle Drops (£7.99).  Liquid glitter in a bottle, use alone for a blinding highlight or mix into makeup or moisturiser for a more subtle glow anywhere on your body.  Available in three gorgeous shades – OTT, Feels, and Poppin’, the drops will be available in Superdrug stores nationwide from the 19th September.

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Sometimes, you just don’t have time to wash your hair, and for too long we have been using dry shampoo that just misses some of the benefits of normal shampoo. Batiste are here to save the day with their new dry shampoo with added benefits (£4.25).  The first option is a volumising, plumping dry shampoo which transforms flat, lifeless hair into bouncy locks in seconds.  Option two is a hydrating spray which refreshes hair whilst leaving it hydrated, smoother, and softer.  The third route is damage control – keratin in the formula helps to transform weak and damaged hair into healthy locks.  Lastly, opt for the coconut infused de-frizz, which tames flyaways whilst revitalising hair.  All four are available in Boots from August and Superdrug from September.

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High-tech cosmetic brand Filorga is going from strength to strength this year – following the success of their Time-Flash, a double speed smoothing primer launched this January, they’re back with two more quick and easy-to use products which are designed to make your skin look flawless without looking like you’re wearing any makeup at all.  The first is the Pore-Express (£30), a pore-blurring mattifying primer which is a foam-cream that instantly blurs imperfections whilst restoring clean skin and ensuring a purer complexion long term.  Because it is designed to allow skin to breathe, it’s the perfect primer for combination and oily skin.  Secondly, their new Flash-Nude [Fluid] (£30) is a tinted fluid foundation that instantly erases all flaws.  Its ultra-breathable texture provides a unique bare-skin finish and incredible radiance, while the galenic formula melts into the skin to allow for customisable coverage.  Long term, skin is smoothed and plumped due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid, and evened out due to the Hexyresorcinol, a molecule renowed for its antioxidant and brightening properties.  The foundation is also a daily shield against external agressors, and contains UVA and UVB filters for high protection SPF30 as well as niacinamide, which protects skin against pollution.  The fluid is available in two shades, and suitable for all skin types.  Both products will be available from September in Debenhams, FeelUnique, LookFantastic, and BeautyExpert, and from October from Marks & Spencer.  

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K-Beauty isn’t giving up the fight yet, and South Korea’s leading cosmeceutical brand It’s Skin have all you need for healthy, beautiful skin.  The active ingredients and lightweight textures brighten skin tone and reduce visible signs of aging. The range is available in multiple formulations to target specific skin concerns: GF (Grifola Frondosa plant) quenches dehydrated skin; VB (Vitamin B) controls sebum and calms troubled skin; VC (Vitamin C) brightens dull skin; YE (Yeast Extract) restores skin vitality and hydrates; PO minimises pores and controls sebum; WR deeply nourishes mature skin; VE (Vitamin E) boosts lustre and nourishes normal-to-dry skin; and Q10 rejuvenates mature skin.  The Power 10 Facial Cleansing Foams (£14.99) are available in YE, VC, VB, GF, and PO, and feature a bouncy jelly texture which creates a rich foam upon application and delivers a comfortable cleanse without stripping the skin. The Power 10 Effector Serums (£12) are available in YE, WR, VE, VC, VB, GF, Q10 and PO, and are the brand’s best-selling serums which target every skin type and concern. The Power 10 One Shot Solution Moisturisers (£18.99) are also available in YE, WR, VE, VC, VB, GF, and PO, and offer quick, effective protection from environmental aggressors.  Each has a different texture for an individualised skincare experience – VB, GF, PO, and VC contain refreshing textures for oily, sensitive, and dehydrated skin, whilst WR, YE and VE contain moisturising, nourishing textures for normal to dry skin. Finally, the Power 10 Formula Mask Sheets (£5.99), which is available in YE, WR, VE, VC, VB, GF, and PO, and provide the skin with a hit of the chosen formula. So why not pick and mix, and make your skincare routine truly unique and tailored to your skin? The range is available from ASOS, BeautyMART, and FeelUnique.  

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Are you ready to amp up your hair’s glow? Try R+Co’s new NEON LIGHTS Dry Oil Spray (£26), which is designed to enhance shine and softness whilst illuminating hair’s true depth of colour.  Apply whenever added nourishment is needed, and swish about in a haze of the fragrance, Serious Gaze. Packed with nourishing oils, including evening primrose, olive, andiroba seed, and marula seed, hair is protected against free radicals and strengthened whilst realising its true potential.  

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Showcasing characteristic sass, Laura Geller’s new Nude Attitude Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette (£34) is launching just in time to complement our summer tans.  Inspired by their Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lip Gloss, the twelve shadows feature next-gen eyeshadows that reflect the same universally flattering colour range. There’s a range of finishes – matte, suede, and liquid metal – and each is highly saturated, smooth, and blendable.  Suitable for either a soft daytime or a captivating evening look, the gorgeous shadows can be used for any occasion. Our favourites are Blushing – a pinky-mauve sateen – and Taupeless – metallic rose gold. Available from August at select Debenhams stores,, and FeelUnique.  

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There’s something magical about late summer evenings, and RMK’s seductive new collection, Glow in the Dark, ticks all the boxes.  Our favourites are the captivating marble-swirled Midnight Flower Lipsticks (£23), which melt into lips and provide truly opulent cover.  Imitating the gradated hues of flower petals in the moonlight, the two contrasting layers of colour create a subtle impression of mystery and depth.  The lipsticks are available in three colourways: Mystique Glow, Mysterious Red, and Darling Flower.  Equally enchanting are the Midnight Flower Lipglosses (£21) which offer a fresh, pure radiance to enhance your look.  The colours – Dance in Shadow, Sparkle Dust, and Shower Blossom, imitate layered petals lit by moonbeams, and the formula contains cassis and sensual ylang ylang for a scent that is rich with allure and endlessly dreamy.  Also included is the captivatingly gorgeous Moon Bloom Finishing Powder (£33), which adds a moon-like clarity and radiance to complexions.  The range will be available from the 23rd August from Selfridges, LookFantastic, and BeautyBay. Keep your eyes peeled, because the rest of the launch will be revealed here next week…

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If you haven’t been lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in the Seychelles this summer, maybe RIKOKO’s haircare line will have you feeling as though you did.  Based on exotic ingredients and ancient rituals from the Seychelles, the formulas protect, strengthen, and heal hair from the inside out. RIKOKO Lock is a two-phase post-colour service that naturally balances pH and locks in colour in just ten minutes.  This should be followed by the vegan RIKOKO Lock Shampoo (£35) and Lock Conditioner (£40), which are infused with delicious vanilla oil, cinnamon, hibiscus, and ginger – ingredients that are meant to heal and protect against the adverse effects of colour treatment, and the day to day buildup of toxins.  Then there’s RIKOKO Prism (£35), a prepping line of leave-in conditioners that tone, maintain, and heal hair. The finishing touch is RIKOKO Noir KOKOBALM (£50), which is a solid coconut oil infused with strengthening lemongrass that naturally adds weightless shine and heals hair with cumulative use.


We could all do with a little more balance in our lives, and W=Hb² (“Wellness = Health + beauty squared”, if you’re wondering) harmonises the ancient Chinese Yin Yang philosophy with the western science of beauty.  The brainchild of Yilin Wang, a leading biochemist, W=Hb² has been researched, developed, and produced in Switzerland using advanced technologies designed to create a skincare brand that claims to have unlocked the secret formula.  Their debut product is the Power Duo Face Serum (£110), which is a sophisticated two-phase treatment that can be used in combination with any other skincare.  It helps to promote balanced skin health, and combines a powerful anti-aging phase one with the intense brightening effects of phase two. The impressive list of ingredients – all of which are vegan – includes probiotic bacteria to help fight external aggressors, and niacinamide to protect against UV and blue light, and repair stressed skin.  The serum will be available exclusively from from September.  

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