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August 6th, 2018

August 6th, 2018

Expert dancer and glamour queen Kristina Rihanoff shot to fame on Strictly Come Dancing, and now works closely with Norvell, one of the brands used regularly on the show, continues to dance professionally, and looks after a little one.  Warpaint caught up with her to chat performance makeup and keeping the glow alive.

Kristina Rihanoff, red dress

WP:  What’s your first make up memory? What’s the first product you remember using, and has that affected your later product choices?

KR:  My very first memory was at my first dance competition and I remember using a lot of stage
makeup.  My mum would apply it, always lots of glitter, which I loved.  The first product I remember using is definitely lip gloss, and I’m still very much a lip gloss person – especially when I perform.

Kristina Rihanoff, black bodysuit

WP:  What’s the one piece of makeup that makes you feel performance ready?

KR:  It would definitely be a spray tan –although not strictly makeup – I think it’s something that I feel most confident with.  Under harsh stage and TV lighting, a tan will always make my skin look as if it’s in great condition. If I don’t have a spray tan, I don’t feel ready to compete.  Norvell is the company I trust most, I’ve used their tan for years – since ‘Strictly’ – and the result is always so beautiful.  There’s such a big range of professional and at-home tanning products to choose from. The Venetian Solution gives a stunning result: its violet bronzers make sure any orange tones are cancelled out which is incredible.


Norvell Venetian Range

WP:  What’s your go-to long-lasting makeup for days you dance?  What changes do you make to your makeup routine when you’re not dancing?

KR:  I’ve tried a lot of different things and products but I’m always very happy with a natural look.  My skin is very much used to stage and TV-ready makeup, but when I’m at home I don’t tend to wear much at all in order give my skin a break from product, which I think is important.

Kristina Rihanoff in nude

WP:  Has being vegan affected your product choices?  Do you have a favourite vegan brand?

KR:  I’ve got a lot more into vegan brands since going vegan myself; also, having a baby has made me very aware of what I’m using.  I’m very happy that I get to work with Norvell, as their tans are not only vegan friendly, but cruelty free too.

Norvell range

WP:  What’s your favourite memory of working with the Strictly Glam Team?

KR:  There are so many memories from that time it’s difficult to choose one!  One of my favourite memories has to be a Halloween show. We had so many costume changes and crazy makeup to put on, it was chaotic backstage.  For one dance I dressed up as the Evil Queen from Snow White: the costume and makeup look was so creative, I loved it so much!



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