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Top Five – Cosmetics à la Carte

July 16th, 2018

July 16th, 2018

British brand, Cosmetics à la Carte, is a bit of fave at Warpaint Towers and we wanted to share the love with our readers.  This week’s Top Five highlights their bespoke approach to makeup and skincare.

Cosmetics a la carte Rose Dew 2017

Rose Dew (£42)

Rose Dew (50 ml) is a hyaluronic primer and moisturiser in one, for dewy, youthful-looking skin.  Natural beauty elixir pure Rose Otto – distilled from rose petals and high in active compounds – hydrates and firms the skin while reducing redness and refining skin texture.  Oil-free and smoothing, Rose Dew cares for your skin and also provides a perfect base for flawless make-up which lasts longer – as seen in The Independent’s Top Anti-Ageing Day Creams 2018.

Lynne says: “When I look back on my career as a cosmetic scientist, Rose Dew stands out as a true lightbulb moment.  I had been looking for an alternative to a cream for our Cosmetics à la Carte customers, that would care for skin and prep for makeup at the same time.  I ended up creating a serum-like formula before serum was a thing – light, hydrating and dewy.  I was determined to use Rose Otto, the most pure and expensive rose essential oil available, to ensure the highest level of actives and the most attractive, calming fragrance.  It has always been and continues to be a bestseller.”

 Cosmetics à la Carte Total Lift Off

Total Lift Off (£32)

Total Lift Off (250ml) is an oil-free rose micellar water with botanical extracts to gently cleanse and tone. Pure Rose Otto leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and hydrated.  With pH levels carefully tuned to support skin’s natural balance.  Use daily to remove make-up and impurities from the eyes and face, leaving soft, glowing skin.

Lynne advises, “Total Lift Off came out of a need to cleanse skin in preparation for make-up without drying skin out.  Foaming cleansers can strip away natural moisture, while rich cleansing lotions clog the skin, meaning you need to use secondary products to either re-hydrate or exfoliate.  I thought this was too complex and fussy.  I also realised that pH level was vital to the solution, because our skin’s protective mantle, that protects against infection and moisture loss, is naturally acidic – while most cleansing agents are alkaline, so I created a micellar water matching and supporting our skin’s natural acid pH of 5.5.  Total Lift Off is a gentle, no-tears, hydrating cleanser and toner in one with a botanical cleansing agent from Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Rose Otto to calm and soothe.  As easy as make-up wipes, it’s so much kinder to skin.”

 Cosmetics à la Carte Skin Veil

Skin Veil (£40)

Skin Veil (10g) is an Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible award-winning magic mousse to blur fine lines, even skin tone, vanish away pores and make skin look and feel subtly airbrushed.  Goes on clean skin instantly with fingertips or sponge included in compact.  Wear instead of make-up for an ultra-natural look, over make-up to perfect a finished look, or to prime for flawless coverage.  Top tip: Try especially around the eyes, mouth and nose to make lines and imperfections disappear. Available in four shades.

Lynne comments: “As soon as I became aware of new silicone technology I got very excited and saw in it the potential for an alternative to make-up.  Weightless, absorbing light and smoothing, I created Skin Veil to even out skin tone and texture, perfecting in a way you can’t quite put your finger on.  You just look better.”

 Cosmetics à la Carte Foundation mixer

Bespoke Foundation (£58)

Cosmetics à la Carte has six foundation formulas (10g – 30g) with a collection ranging from moisturising to oil-free options and barely there to maximum coverage.  These have been developed with ingredients to actively support and protect your skin, so your complexion looks even, glowing and healthy, even when wearing make-up each day.  In each formula there are 16 ready-to-wear shades priced at £40 – £45.

For the ultimate, perfect foundation partner, Cosmetics à la Carte pioneered a truly personalised and unique bespoke blending service, where both shade and texture are mixed to achieve your perfect match and skincare benefits.  There is no limit to the possibilities:  bespoke foundation is expertly assessed and hand-blended to suit your skin type, shade and coverage needs.

Lynne explains: “When we started the company, foundation was our first product.  Cosmetics in the ‘70s looked orange, thick and fake, while everyone including myself wanted a natural look.  We found we could not get a truly natural match with a range of just 20-30 shades, so we started bespoke blending for customers.  Over time I created new formulas, and we started blending for texture and benefits as well as shade, to get the match for the individual’s skin type and age as well as their colour.  Customers want to look well, not well made-up.  It’s a joy when they take the time to tell me that it’s worked.”

Cosmetics à la Carte Plump and Prime

Plump & Prime (£29)

Moisturising and plumping lip primer and filler Plump & Prime (4g) is used to perfect the lip surface and edge before applying lipstick. Enjoy long-lasting, true-colour wear from your favourite lipstick, soft, conditioned lips and a flawless lip edge.

Lynne counsels: “Older customers started telling me they were afraid to experiment with lipsticks that looked great on them because the colour would bleed into the fine lines around the mouth.  Lip Liner didn’t stop this.  The old trick of using concealer on lips didn’t either, so I created Plump & Prime to use on the lips and around the lip edge, to fill and smooth out the lines, plump the lips subtly with pro-collagen peptides, moisturise the lips and make lipstick last longer.”



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