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June 20th, 2018

June 20th, 2018

Award-winning lash artist, Loreta Jasilionyte established her online retail business in 2013 and has rapidly become recognised as one of the leading Master Lash Artists and innovators in the industry, constantly pioneering new products and techniques. Her Flawless Lashes range has emphasis not only on high quality, but also maintaining the healthy natural ones of their clients, and the opening of her UK Training Academy was a natural next step.  Warpaint caught up with her to chat peepers.

picture of Loreta Jasilionyte

Loreta Jasilionyte

WP: What’s your background and how did you get into beauty?

LJ: After beginning my lash artist training in Lithuania, I realised that I had even bigger ambitions, and decided to come to London – a thriving mecca for aspiring beauty professionals – to perfect these skills.  Now, after years of work and dedication, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become a figurehead in the lash industry, with aspiring technicians from all over the world wanting to learn through our training academy.  I believe that my combination of medical training and beauty schooling gives me an edge as an international lash trainer and judge in the industry.   I’ve been able to educate some of the leading trainers within some of the largest lash companies, which I’m really proud of.

Picture of Loreta's Flawless Lashes collection

WP: Tell us about your brand and how lashes captivated you.

LJ: Extensions, in my opinion, are such a transformative beauty treatment.  I love that they keep you feeling glamourous 24/7: before you’ve even applied the rest of your makeup, you feel put together and presentable.  Flawless Lashes by Loreta is known internationally for its high-quality products and for providing detailed training across the world.  We have distributors in 16 countries (and counting).  More and more artists are joining globally, representing the brand as licensed Flawless Lashes trainers.  Our wide range of products are of the highest quality – I have high standards.  We work very hard to supply cosmetic products which meet EU cosmetic regulations, and we work with the best manufacturers (which, as you’ll appreciate if you have your own cosmetics line, are not easy to find).

Bridal makeup 1Bridal makeup 2

WP: How do you choose which versions suit which face shape?

LJ: It is quite a detailed process, just as any long-lasting beauty treatment is.  Each individual client goes through their own examination of sorts.  We spend up to 15 minutes analysing face/eye shape, what colour the natural ones and hair are, and discussing what the client is looking for.  Are they a real make-up lover or do they prefer au naturel?  We discuss their age (often bold won’t suit mature clients) and what do they do for a living.  Will their chosen style suit their lifestyle?  We also check natural growth, so that we can choose the right extensions in terms of curl and length.  We use a lash map, and it is imperative that we do the mapping correctly due to the fact that 95% of eyes are asymmetric.

WP: What advice would you give makeup artists when working with clients who have extensions?

LJ: There was a time when lash artists advised clients not to wear heavy make-up – especially eyeliners – with extensions as it reduces retention, which is no good.  Nowadays, some brands are releasing extension-friendly make up products.  For example, our Flawless Eyeliner is best to use with extensions as it is non-smudging, doesn’t flake or crack, and is super-easy to remove so it doesn’t damage extensions.  It is definitely one for MUAs to add to their kit if their clients are inclined to wear extensions.  Another tip would be to be sure to clean any pigment fall-out from the extensions after the MUA has applied the eye makeup.  Simply use a clean, wet mascara wand and gently brush it through.  Please also advise them to use makeup cleansers which are designed for use during wear.

Picture of Loreta's Flawless Eyeliner

WP: What’s the trends for 2018?

LJ: This year volume continues to be the biggest trend and Russian Volume are perfect for creating this.  However, it’s not the best style for everyone.  The popular Kardashian-style lash can be styled using a mix of volume and classic.  Of course, there’s always demand for a natural look – particularly for those who work in a more corporate or medical environment who don’t want their style too voluminous.



WP: How do you see the market changing in the next few years?

LJ: They’ll always be popular: it’s an addictive and time-saving treatment.  We’re predicting that coloured lashes will continue to grow in popularity – they’re unique and fun!

WP: What’s next for your brand?

LJ: We have loads of exciting things in the works – more fabulous consumer products – so people can get Loreta-glam at home when they don’t have time to visit the salon.  We are also working on a product line which helps natural lashes become fuller as well as longer (can’t say too much more on that).



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