Borderless Identity

How To: Kryolan Borderless Identity

May 8th, 2018

May 8th, 2018

Borderless Identity

We are always fascinated by the amazing work and visuals created by the incredible artists at Kryolan. When we saw the latest trend look for SS18, we couldn’t wait to find out how the Kryolan Pro Team created it. The look was inspired by the idea of fluid borders that in turn inspire fashion and culture, regardless of politics trying to separate us.

Borderless Identity Step One

Step One:

Prime with the HD Micro Primer (£26.10), then illuminate the skin by buffing the Shimmering Event Foundation (£28.70), and perfect any areas with Ultra Foundation (£23.30).  Using the Eyebrow Forming Gel (£11.10), brush up the brows.  Apply and blend the HD Cream Liner in Aqua (£12.80) out across the lid, and under the bottom lash-line.  Highlight the inner corner lightly with Viva Brilliant Colour in Gold (£10.90).

Borderless Identity Step Two

Kryolan Eyeshadow Night Blue

Eye Shadow Palette 15 Colors in Smokey Blue (Night Blue)

Kryolan Metallique Mystique Blue

Metallique Eyeshadow in Mysterious Blue

Step Two:

Sweep over the Viva Brilliant Color in Blue Coral (£10.90), diffusing softly at the edges. From the Eye Shadow Palette 15 Colors in Smokey Blue (£79.50), buff the shades AB85, Night Blue and AB6 into the socket line, concentrating in the outer corner.  Over this, press the Metallique Eyeshadow in Mysterious Blue (£14) to create a soft dew.  Using the Supracolor Metallic in Gold (£8.90), apply irregular line details from the inner corner to the centre of the eye.

Borderless Identity Step Three

Step Three:

Add intensity by applying the Kajal in Black (£7.70) into the top and bottom waterlines.  Apply generous coats of Mascara Color Intensifier in Black (£14.40) before layering the Eyelashes Individual in Small and Medium using the Lash Adhesive Pro (£5.40).  Using the Aquacolor in 070 (£6.20), paint across the bridge of the nose, and blend into the corners of the eye.  Decorate the forehead with rustic style markings.

Borderless Identity Step Four

Dermacolor Light Lipstick

Dermacolor Light Lipstick in DL 8

Step Four:

Prime the lips with Lip Care Balm, then define with the Faceliner in 31 (£12).  Apply the Dermacolor Light Lipstick in DL 8 (£15) to the lips as the primary colour.  Then blend in DL 9 from the bottom lip line to start an ombré effect.  Finally using the darkest shade DL 16, to add some definition to the bottom lip line.  This same concept is then used to create the accent detail underneath the eyes.

Borderless Identity Step Five


Glamour Glow Sunkissed

Step Five:

Melt down the Gelafix Skin in Neutral (£9.40) in boiling water, and mix with the Aquacolor Liquid Metallic in Gold (£7.20), pour into a mould and leave to cure.  Place Body Jewels in Crystal (£5.60) alternatively on top of the Aquacolor markings.  Remove the cured Gelafix Skin piece from the mould and adhere to the bottom lip using Pros-Aide (£4.50).  Finish off the skin by buffing in Glamour Glow in Sunkissed (£26.60).







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