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April 24th, 2018

April 24th, 2018

Whether you’re looking for new mirrors for your studio or gorgeous brushes for your kit, look no further than Glam Doll.  The up and coming Irish brand provides mirrors, brushes, organisation trays and lighting kits at affordable prices.  We spoke to founder Andrea Griffin to find out more about herself and the brand.

Andrea Griffin

Andrea Griffin

WP:  How did you get into the Irish beauty industry; was it always your passion to create your own brand?

AG:  After 15 years in the international aircraft leasing industry, I decided to take a career break.  During this time I had the desire to develop a business that would provide high-quality, affordable beauty products that weren’t readily available to the Irish and UK market as well as a brand that represented this, hence the birth of GLAM DOLL – Bringing Hollywood Home.

WP:  What tips would you give to students who want to break into the industry?

AG:  I think the beauty industry is booming right now and it’s a great time for people of all ages to do what they love and chase their dreams.  Working hard and being passionate about what you’re doing is a great foundation for getting started in this, or any, industry really.

Rose Pro Brushes

WP:  Which one product from GLAM DOLL do you recommend every makeup artist should have in their kit to take on professional jobs?

AG:  If I had to choose just one product, it would be our GD Rose Pro Complete 15-piece brush set (€49.99).  I take it everywhere.  It features super soft synthetic fibres and the set has all the brushes you need from doing a touch-up to a full glam look.

Hollywood Glam PRO XL Beverly

WP:  What are your top 5 products from the line?

AG: Our top 5 products would definitely be:

  1. Our Hollywood Glam PRO XL Beverly LED Mirror (€329) which is the most luxurious makeup mirror you will find and at a great price.  It can be wall hung or free standing and simply plugs into wall, with additional side socket & USB to charge your phone.
  2. Our Original Glam Box (€119.99) 5-drawer cosmetic organiser is very popular as it’s the perfect accessory to tidy up your Glam Station, the clear drawers help you see all your products and the crystal knobs give it a pop of glam.
  3. Our Hollywood Glam Mirror ‘The Bella’ (€99) has been highly sought after as it’s the perfect size for small rooms and also for makeup academies makeup stations. It’s a great value as well and features both cool & warm tone, dimmable lighting.
  4. Our GD Rose Pro Complete 15-piece brush set (€49.99) as well as our 10-piece GD Bianco Marble set (€29.99) are top sellers as they’re super soft, apply makeup beautifully and wash well.  We’ve had loads of makeup artists rave about our brushes.
  5. Finally, our Glam Studio Ring Light Kit (€149.99) has just sold out again. We wanted to provide an affordable complete kit that you can buy locally and the Irish market has responded so favourably.  The kit includes an 18” LED ring light with both cool & warm tone dimmable lighting, 2m tripod, vanity mirror, phone holder, carry case, etc.

Glam Box Collection

WP:  What has been the most valuable piece of advice that you have been given?

AG: My father always told me, ‘Trust your instincts’ and I’ve always lived by that rule.  I applied this when I decided to make my career change and create GLAM DOLL and I know it was the right decision for myself and my family, we’ve been having a blast!

Hollywood Glam Bella

WP:  In a world dominated by social media, do you think it has affected the professional make-up industry in a positive or negative way?

AG:  Social media can be a double edged sword but we have found it to be a great way to engage with our target market and build our brand awareness in this community.  I think it’s a great tool for budding makeup artists to get their looks out there as well as industry veterans to get the exposure that wasn’t available to them pre-social media.

WP:  Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

AG:  We’ve been fortunate to work with some great brands recently like Inglot, Mrs. Makeup & as well as micro-influencers throughout Ireland.  We are looking forward to partnering with a few brand ambassadors for GLAM DOLL in the future, so definitely watch this space.

Glam Doll Extra Wide Banner Circle Logo Final

WP:  What is next for Glam Doll?

AG:  We’ve recently launched a new website and we are continuing to add new products to our line, such as our Travel Glam, launching in June, which is a mobile Glam travel case with LED mirror and makeup organiser for €349.  Looking to the future, we are working on a few exciting projects with professional salons and makeup artists that will allow GLAM DOLL to continue to grow and Bring Hollywood Home.



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