Arnold Langer

Arnold Langer

March 6th, 2018

March 6th, 2018


Arnold Langer (1921-2018)

He was a visionary and a man of action.  Even in his darkest of times and most difficult situations, Kryolan’s founder, Arnold Langer, never lost his courage or his optimism, and certainly not his humour.  However, even the strongest of personalities eventually must succumb to father time.  It is with great sadness that Kryolan has announced the death of Arnold Langer, who passed away in his native Berlin on 27th February 2018 at the age of 97.

Born in vibrant Berlin in 1921, Arnold Langer quickly discovered his passion of make-up and theatre.  Despite serving in the Second World War, this passion never left him, even during those difficult times spent far away from home.  With his vision to produce make-up for theatres that had reopened after the Armistice, the successful company history took its course after the Second World War: Kryolan, which for over 70 years has established itself as the leading producer of professional make-up worldwide and was built up by the Berlin native from scratch through sheer diligence, willpower and admirable perseverance.  His motto: “You snooze, you lose.”

His concept for success was hard work coupled with a pinch of luck.  “The most critical junctures in life are often down to coincidence; encounters with people, with the right partner even,” according to Langer’s belief.  “There comes a time when fate decides,” – and fate would be so kind to Arnold Langer.  The young chemical lab apprentice earned his first pocket money by selling soaps and creams, concocted in his mother’s kitchen.  With his saved-up service pay and a strong woman by his side in Waltraud Langer, he set up Kryolan in 1945.  Some long, arduous years would follow as Langer acquired and supplied customers first from his vendor’s tray, then by bicycle before finally purchasing his first company car in 1963.

Modesty, diligence and sense of duty – these were the virtues that helped Arnold Langer grow his company from Berlin-Reinickendorf and establish it on a global scale.  It now has offices in over 90 countries across all five continents.

Arnold Langer’s credo, “people come first, then the business,” remains the company’s philosophy to this day.  Special wishes of make-up artists have been and still are matters for the boss – and at least as important as the confidential treatment of and personal contact with customers and partners.  “This individuality is what’s made us what we are today.”

And his son, Wolfram Langer, together with his own sons, Sebastian and Dominik, including their families, continue to run Kryolan with this philosophy firmly embedded.  His modern vision for the future is built upon strong roots – ensuring that the legacy of Arnold Langer lives on proudly.



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