Sensitive Soul

November 27th, 2017

November 27th, 2017

Sensitive eyes are a minefield for make-up artists.  Whether the issue is painful irritation for clients, watery eyes which wash away your hard work, or vivid discolouration and redness upon reacting, the delicate eye area requires careful hands.  Mascaras are often a trigger, which is why we’ve put several tubes to the test to find options for any sensitive souls you might encounter.

Source: Schön! Magazine  Photography / Erez Sabag Make-Up / Georgina Billington using Tom Ford

Source: Schön! Magazine
Photography / Erez Sabag
Make-Up / Georgina Billington using Tom Ford

We were surprised at how soft our lashes were left by the Velvet Noir Mascara by Marc JacobsInspired by memories of his mother shaving fibres from a velvet ribbon in order to create faux lashes, this mascara leaves lashes looking long and doll-like without feeling crispy or heavy.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir

Tubing mascaras are great for sensitive eyes thanks to their budge-proof formulations which can withstand watery eyes, yet remove easily with warm water to avoid irritation from removers.  The dainty brush of the DHC Double Protection Mascara allows for precise application of this deeply pigmented formula – we’re a big fan.


If you’re new to tube mascaras, Clinique’s Lash Power™ Long-Wearing Mascara is easy to get hold of and always delivers.  No more panda eyes, no more smudges, just pretty, defined lashes with fluttery length.

Clinique sens mascara

The cult tubing mascara is definitely the Sensai 38°C.  You can now choose between the original waterproof version, Separating & Lengthening or VolumisingThese formulas are (as the name suggests) only removable with water at 38°C, leaving lashes resistant to sweat, pool and sea water, and high humidity.

Sensai 38

We were also big fans of the fluttery lash-inducing Definitive Volumising and Defining Mascara from Delilah.  We’re always impressed with how Delilah nails the basics so well, and this mascara left lashes beautifully defined while remaining soft.  The olive waxes coat lashes to form a stretchable film, similar to a tubing mascara, and it’s also missing common irritants such as thickening agent HEC and Isipropyl Myristate.

Delilah mascara

Known for their skin-soothing formulas, classic French pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay continue their efforts into make-up.  Their Respectisseme Extension Mascara contains a fortifying polymer designed to strengthen and condition individual lashes with continued use, while still remaining gentle enough for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

La Roche-Posay mascara



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