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October 29th, 2017

October 29th, 2017

Product textures and formulations are improving at light speed – we’re constantly being impressed with the latest products to arrive on our doorstep.  Something we’ve noticed real improvement in, over the last few years, has been colour correctors.  Gone are the chalky, difficult to blend blobs of pastels – instead we have sophisticated creamy textures to transform the face and create an even playing field.

MUA: Stephanie Jacquet for The Claw Fashionbook

Image Source – MUA: Stephanie Jacquet for The Claw Fashionbook

After another busy weekend at Professional Beauty North we’ve been reaching for our undereye correctors to disguise the aftereffects of the long days.  Our latest discovery is the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (£21) which is one of the more luminizing colour correctors that we’ve tried.  It has quite a fluid cream texture and is less peachy-pigmented than other under eye correctors we have tried, but the luminosity and brightening effect this has is undeniable.

Becca UnderEye

Finding products which counteract dark circles on deeper tones is still more difficult than we’d like it to be, so we’d like to give a shout out to both Cover FX and Smashbox, among others, for offering different shades of their colour correcting products to address this.  The Smashbox Colour Correcting Sticks (£18) come in both a Peach and Orange shade, and give a lovely natural finish to the skin without appearing overly cakey.  The pencil means you can dot and smudge the colour exactly where you need it as well.  Meanwhile the Cover FX Correct Click Colour Correctors (£15) come in six shades, including Peach, Orange and Brick to neutralise dark spots and under eye circles.  You need barely any product to deliver a punch of pigment as well, while still being creamy enough to blend.

Smashbox Colour Sticks


If you’re looking for some multi-coloured maestros to cover you for any occasion you’re in luck, as the market is awash with colour correcting palettes at all price ranges.  We’ve been playing with the Laura Geller Filter Colour Perfecting Balm (£25), a stack of three shades to brighten and correct with orange-y peach, lavender and green.  The texture of these are really interesting – balm is certainly the best term; a thick cream which, when warmed by skin, transforms into a more fluid, melting texture which blends beautifully.

Laura Geller CC

photographed by Eric Traoré for Madame Figaro October 30 2015 Styling: Julie Gillet Makeup: Karim Rahman -

Image Source – Eric Traoré for Madame Figaro, Make-up by Karim Rahman

The Stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Colour Correcting Palette (£32.50) wins bonus points for including two lightly-tinted setting powders in with five colour correcting shades.  Stila palettes rarely disappoint, and this one is both well conceived and well sized for any pro kit.

Stila CC palette

Taking a new approach to colour correcting, the Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Colour Correctors (£28) feature swirls of marbled colour to broadly correct larger areas in a smooth satin finish.  Choose from Bright Now (pink and lilac to brighten), Co(vert) Affairs (lemon and lime to neutralise redness) and Getting Warmer (peach and caramel for hyperpigmentation and dark circles.

Marc Jacobs CC

Elsewhere we’ve seen the cushion compact love affair continue over at Lancôme, with their Miracle CC Cushion Colour Correcting Primers (£28) – these are great for a lighter touch and barely-there make-up which wouldn’t be able to cover some of the heavier textured creams.

Lancome CC

MUA: J'anc -

MUA: J’anc – Image Source



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